Key West

I had a WONDERFUL time celebrating my birthday in Key West! Whoo-hoo - best birthday ever! The weather was beautiful and sitting under palm trees by a pool in early February was beyond fantastic! Walking around the very interesting town of Key West, I heard many different languages being spoken. Lots of tourists from all over the world were spending time with their loved ones in this tropical paradise. As I heard the music of steel drums playing in the streets, and rock & roll bands playing in every bar we walked past, it occured to me once  again how music really IS a common language. Regardless of country, color, religion or political views, there are some things that we all can enjoy and by doing so find our commonalities - steel drums, palm trees, or pina coladas - you don't have to try too hard to find common ground with our fellow earth dwellers. Rather than focusing on our differences, let's find our common ground. A smile is universal - Share your's today! Thanks for stopping by. May you enjoy happiness and the causes of happiness.

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