Music as brightly colored threads

 There are some songs and musicians that are so closely woven into the tapestry of my life that the memory and the music are almost indivisible. For example, I can’t make the long drive to Provincetown without listening to the music of Peter Donnelly and Zoe Lewis – two musicians that we’ve met and heard perform countless times on the Cape. Their songs are the background music to all of my happy memories from vacations in Provincetown. So when I wrote the song, ‘Meet me in Provincetown’, it was only natural to mention both of these talented artists in the lyrics. Early recordings of the Indigo Girls always remind me of the summers I spent working at Girl Scout camp and of all the friends I met there. The song, ‘Closer to Fine’, was the first Indigo Girls song I learned to play on the guitar. Whenever I play it, I think of my former guitar teacher and my time at BCCC and all the friends I met there. Any song from KD Lang’s ‘Ingénue’ will always remind me of the first year I spent with my true love and the apartment that we called home. Two songs by Bob Marley, ‘Buffalo Soldier’ and ‘Looking in your big brown eyes’ will always make me think of dancing at a club in India. Surrounded at the time by Indians and foreigners like myself, I think about that happy memory and how music is our common language. And no road trip would be complete without listening to, ‘Get out the Map’ by the Indigo Girls. Just like links in a beautiful chain, one song connects to a memory, which connects to another memory and another song. These are but a few examples of the musical tapestry of my own life. I am sure that you have the same experience of certain songs being strongly connected to the different times and memories of your own life. So my question becomes . . . are any of my songs woven into the tapestry of your life? I would love to hear your stories, so please take moment and leave a comment :)

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