Nothing But Love

One day I'll die. 
We all die.
Time and again.
And when my time comes again,
Believe not whatever tale is told of my demise
Whether accident or illness, 
Even in violence, or in peace.
Whatever is said,
However it is explained,
Don't believe any part of it.
For you must know, 
Beyond a doubt 
That my disappearance from this world 
could not come by any of these means, or circumstances.

Nothing but love could carry me from this world to the next. 
For there will come a time, when so much love fills my heart, that this fleeting form will burst from the fullness of it. 
So much love for you.
For life, for laughter, 
For your smile, for your pain,
Love for your eyes, your hair, your skin, your hands, your cheeks, your thoughts, your tears, your joys, your jokes, your feet, your voice, your tongue, your forgetfulness, your lips, your arms, your kindness, your gentle soul, your intelligent mind.
So much love for all you've given me, for all you've taught me, for every moment with you. 
This love fills me completely, and permeates every pore of my being. It's vastness is great,  unimaginable and immeasurable.  And one day, unable to contain such enormity of love, this fragile body will explode into a thousand million pieces, each piece saturated with love for you, bursting out into the universe, spreading everywhere. There is no separation or distinction between me and my love. You will see me everywhere. In the twinkle of the stars, in the freshness of the dew, in the delicacy of snowflakes, in the strength of mountains, in the coolness of shade, in the scent of flowers, in the song of the seas, in the arms of the trees, you will feel this love, everywhere, and you will know in the depths of your being, that love never dies,  and you are loved with all the fullness of creation,  with all the mystery of the universe.  Wherever you go, whatever you face, you'll feel this love everywhere, not as a remembrance, but as a living energy embracing you always, and forever. 

- Jennifer Kathleen





November 10, 2017


Nadine lascoskie
June 27, 2018 @08:51 pm
Your way with words always impresses me!

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