The Other Shoe

Anyone who has survived trauma of any kind knows the uneasy feeling that comes when life 'gets good again'. It is the shadowy companion of happiness that warns you not to get 'too' happy, because the rug got ripped out from under you before and it could happen again. Every dose of happiness brings along a dose of anxiety. We are always waiting for the other shoe to fall.
Maybe this thinking originally manifested to protect you, but it is no longer serving you. It is time to Let It Go! (cue 'Frozen' soundtrack)
The very nature of life is impermanence, and therein lies life's greatest beauty. The truth of impermanence pulls us out of getting stuck in the past and of fearing the future. The truth of impermanence tells us that all we really have is this moment. So whether it is happy or sad is not as important as being fully present to WHATEVER is happening, knowing that each moment is precious and fleeting. Thich Nhat Hanh says, "Only the present moment contains Life".
I want to be alive, fully and wonderfully alive, to every moment. Maybe the other shoe will fall. If it does, I hope it is a gorgeous and glittery high-heel shoe and I'll go shopping for a fabulous dress to match it! And if the rug gets ripped out from under me again, I will take up tap-dancing, because, well, you can't tap-dance on a rug anyway, right?!


Amanda Hornberger
June 25, 2014 @05:11 pm
I just read this again today, and the imagery of the glittery high heel and tap dancing is spot-on!! Your writing is awesome, and I love your perspective on the world. <3

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