This Fragile Human Form

My love for you cannot be contained in this body.
The edges of this existAnce are always on the verge of bursting open... stretching beyond what is possible... a pain in the soul,... the pain of being contained,... of being limited in form, when my love for you is limitless.

Maybe in a past life the same thing happened. Maybe I met you and loved you so completely and so fully that it could not be contained in this human body. And maybe one day, overwhelmed by my love for you, I burst wide open, exploding into a billion shining pieces that became all the stars in the sky, and became this entire universe made from Love, every single part of it. Now I've returned once more, after countless lifetimes, to find you again in this world created by love. And if the same thing happens,... if my love for you overwhelms this fragile human form, and I explode into a billion shining parts, then let it be my story told in the Stars so that everyone looking up at the night sky, glittering with numberless silver stars, will be reminded that they live in a world created by love and that love is Limitless. We are Limitless.
Maybe this is why the stars feel like home to me... because they are me as much as I am them. 


(This blog post feels like a continuation or expansion of my song, "Dim Reflection". Listen to it here on YouTube.)

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