This is the Reason Why...

This is the reason why...
I feel really good recommending our studio to anyone who is looking for greater wellness and peace in their lives. 
Because I believe in the power of yoga, fitness, meditation and music, to heal, uplift, renew and revive our body-mind-spirit.
But it's more than that, because yoga, fitness, meditation and music could all be found in other places. And sure, our place is a lovely peaceful studio, pleasing to the eye and soothing to the soul - but it is SO much more than even that. 
Our teachers are AMAZING!
Every teacher is dedicated to delivering high quality teaching with compassion and friendliness to each student that walks through the door. 
Our teachers are LIVING the yoga/fitness life, in mindfulness and sincerity. I know this is true not only because I have attended their classes, but also because I hear how students talk about the classes and teachers. I hear them tell other students about when they were new to the studio and the teacher made them feel at ease. Or how they felt nervous and awkward the first time trying a new class but the teacher was really encouraging and helped them to find appropriate modifications. 
And so many little things I hear....
Like the student who came to class feeling out of sorts because she left her yoga mat at home, (even though we have mats available at the studio for anytime someone forgets their mat, it can still feel unsettling to be without our own mat.) The teacher told her this was a great opportunity to practice non-attachment. So very true!!! We could ALL practice that more often, right?! I hear so many wonderful things... about the teacher(s) who really challenges your physical practice, the teacher(s) that encourages you to find your inner strength, ... the teacher(s) that "makes everyone feel like an aerial rock star", ... the teacher(s) who brings so much laughter into the practice, .... the teacher(s) who makes you feel nurtured... the teacher(s) who taught you how grow in mindfulness,... the teacher(s) who helps you accept yourself for who you are right now,... the teacher(s) who is always happy to see you... and I could go on and ON! 
But let me get to another AMAZING aspect of the Just Breathe Studio.... YOU! Yes YOU! You, the one who is friendly to a new student. You, the one who helps another student put their props away. You, the one who jumps out of your sling to help your neighbor in aerial yoga. You, the one who shares your thoughts, your joys and struggles with your yoga friends so that we can all encourage and uplift one another. You, the one who shares smiles, laughter and even tears here in our studio. You, the one who opens your heart and steps out of your comfort zone to try a new class or to introduce yourself to a fellow student you haven't met yet. You, the one who shares  your yoga journey with me and with the other members of our Just Breathe Family. You, the one  who brings your whole messy and beautiful self onto the mat time and again, ready to be authentically you in that moment. Sometimes we shine, sometimes we grumble, but we are all on the path, knowing that we can love all of who we are in this moment, even as we improve. 
This is the reason why I can recommend our studio with full confidence, because of ALL the wonderful, amazing, beautiful souls - each one of us like gorgeous threads of various colors and textures, all woven together to form a uniquely fabulous tapestry known as Just Breathe Yoga & Fitness. 
Much love & gratitude,
The Greatest Benefits of Yoga, Fitness and Meditation come from regular practice. Join our growing family and become a member today. Enjoy UNLIMITED Yoga & Fitness (Includes meditation) for $69 a month or $89 a month if you would like Aerial Yoga to be included in your membership. 
Relax, Revive, Renew and Restore.

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