Recent events in the news have many of us heartbroken as we struggle to make sense of a senseless world. Remember that what we put our focus on will expand, so be careful where you turn your attention in these dark days. This is NOT a suggestion to turn a blind eye  - This is how to see the sorrow  and shine your light brightly anyway.

 1 - Outweigh the negative with positive 5 to 1. For every heartbreaking situation you hear about, make a mental list of five positive things you heard. For every one person who treats you unkindly, send a note of thanks to 5 people who treat you kindly. Your note of gratitude could help boost their spirits and they in turn can share their joy with another. Love multiplies.

2 - Someone once asked the Dalai Lama if he thought that the world was getting worse based upon all of the recent tragedies in the news. The Dalai Lama replied that the basic nature of humans is warm heartedness. He said the reason that terrible stories make the news is because they are so unusual. He said that everyday all over the world mothers are lovingly caring for their children and every day neighbors are helping neighbors and every day there are countless good deeds happening every minute. News isn’t about everyday kindness, it is about the unusual stories. Limit your media consumption.

3 - Let sad news become a motivating force inspiring you to help others. Do what you can. Maybe helping one person or one animal won’t make the world different, but to that one person or animal you have made all the difference in their world.

4 - Tragic stories break our hearts. But before you respond with anger or depression, ask yourself this question: Do you really want to add to the negative energy in this world? The whole universe pulsates with energy. How are you adding to it?

5 - Cultivate the positive energy in yourself. Be grateful. Take time to read uplifting stories, spend time in nature or listen to uplifting music. And of course I have lots of suggestions for uplifting music! Listen to ‘Extravagant Life’ to inspire gratitude, or ‘Here for You’ to inspire forgiveness, or ‘Wonderful’ to remember the beauty found in nature, or ‘My Happy’ to feel , well, HAPPY! You can find my songs on YouTube here; https://www.youtube.com/user/jenniferkathleen11

 Shine your Light! You are Gorgeous!

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