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Can Only Be Seen in Winter 

This morning I was driving to yoga under a dreary grey sky and thinking about how much I miss the leaves on the trees. I was reminding myself that the trees aren't dead, they are just resting. I came around a bend in the road and saw in a distant corner of the sky a beautiful opening in the seemingly endless grey where patches of beautiful blue could be seen. The sunlight that came through this opening lit up the edges of the cloudscape bright white. It was beautiful. It made me think about the truth of… Read more

Avoiding Money 

Avoiding Money isn't generally a topic that will get a lot of attention, especially during the holiday season, but for those few folks who have 'go-against-the-grain' souls, you might appreciate this topic. It is the holiday season and so much of what we do revolves around money....buying gifts, mailing cards (stamps cost money), purchasing special groceries for that holiday is hard to do without money. While we may not be able to avoid it completely, perhaps we could think about shifting the…

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Dance of the Beached Whale and other Midnight Musings 

I had one of those Mondays. Do you know the kind that I mean?  Like a bad cup of coffee that is tinged by bitterness and yet I recognize that bad coffee is still better than no coffee. Today wore the grey cloak of disappointment. It began in yoga class. And incidentally, Monday’s class is my favorite yoga class, taught by my favorite teacher. She is a true yogi.  The kind of person that makes you feel blessed and benefited just by being in her presence.  So I really don’t want to sound ungrateful when I…

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Enjoy the Journey 

  Many folks on this page have complimented me on the positive nature of my blogs. It makes me happy to know that in a small way I can share this positive energy with you. I want to say again that my positive outlook is NOT the result of living a life free from sorrow. It is also not a result of genetics. I have worked hard to become more positive. Life is hard. Our hearts break. We suffer. But when we dwell in negative thoughts we increase our suffering. To be positive is not to bury one's head in the… Read more

Saucy Tales 

I always really enjoy it when gossip, rumors and lies about me gets back to me because it makes me feel famous, like the subject of a celebrity gossip column. However, I have found over the years that there is a serious and troublesome lack of creativity, intrigue and glamour in these lies. In fact, to be perfectly frank, they have been lackluster, utterly lackluster. So, with the goal of stimulating more creative juices in the rumor mill, I have come up with a few suggestions for the next time you hear my… Read more

Congratulations Halestorm! 

Tonight the band, Halestorm won a Grammy for Best Live Perfomance of a Metal Band. Lzzy & Arejay Hale of Halestorm took voice lessons from me at the Community School of Music and Arts in 1997 & 1998. I remember them as nice kids in a loving and very supportive family. Congratulations!!

Blossoming Diva 

      It began in the spring of 2011. I stepped out beyond the bounds of my comfort zone, of my narrow definition of self, and truly accepted, embraced and set free, my inner Diva. I am a classically trained Lyric soprano so really it was just a matter of time. Considering my operatic training and years spent performing classical music, I am surprised that I was able to suppress my inner Diva this long. I believe that my love of folk music kept my inner Diva quiet all these years. Have you ever heard a…

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Ah sweet summertime 

Ah sweet summertime, how I adore you! Raspberries abound in the gardens - such sweet treats.  Several evenings this week we sat out in the garden enjoying freshly picked raspberries and smiling at the antics of our two young dogs. Bodhi is our youngest pup. This is her first summer with us. It has been a joy watching her discover her new surroundings. She was picked up by Animal Control as a stray in South Philadelphia and subsequently rescued by PAWS, (Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society) from where we…

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Inaugural Performance at Javateas 

Inaugural Performance at Javateas

It was a beautiful Friday evening in March, on the eve of St. Patrick’s Day. We arrived at Javateas around six, planning to set up the sound equipment and then enjoy some dinner before my show started at 7:30. Javateas is a very cozy little cafe so it took us a while to really decide on the best place to set up allowing for the greatest space possible for fans to sit comfortably. Thankfully, Donna is very gifted with spatial concepts! Kris arrived and didn’t hesitate in…

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Since the release 

Wow! So much has happend since my new cd, 'Here for YOu' released in November. . . .

The cd release night was an amazing and magical evening and I thank everyone who came and supported my music and shared their smiles and sung along to their favorites. The high I felt after that evening lasted only a short time though. Just a week later my precious dog Kenzie (who is on the cover of the new cd) got suddenly very ill. She was diagnosed with Lymphoma the Monday after Thanksgiving and she passed away 9 days…

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