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Stove-top Pizza  

Homemade Pizza without an Oven

When I lived in Pennsylvania I LOVED making homemade pizza! Not only is it less greasy than what is served at the local pizza parlor, but it cost much less too and can be made exactly to your wishes. For example, I prefer cheddar cheese on my pizza, not mozzarella, and fresh basil is a favorite topping. A basil and cheddar cheese pizza will be uncommon at most pizzerias but you can make this at home yourself in the same amount of time it would take you to get a pizza delivered…

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Easy Urban Homesteading - A Simpler Life is Possible 

Once Upon A Time, on a bitter cold day in December,  I purchased a tiny house on a tiny plot of land in a tiny town in Pennsylvania. The very first thing I did when Spring arrived was to plant a medicinal herb garden. I grew many herbs and used them in natural remedies, in homemade beauty products and in kitchen recipes. The next year I planted a vegetable garden. I started a compost pile, and then planted fruit trees and raspberries. Each year the tiny plot of land grew more and more into a tiny homestead…

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