Can Only Be Seen in Winter

This morning I was driving to yoga under a dreary grey sky and thinking about how much I miss the leaves on the trees. I was reminding myself that the trees aren't dead, they are just resting. I came around a bend in the road and saw in a distant corner of the sky a beautiful opening in the seemingly endless grey where patches of beautiful blue could be seen. The sunlight that came through this opening lit up the edges of the cloudscape bright white. It was beautiful. It made me think about the truth of "where we choose to focus our attention". If we are so busy focusing on what we DON'T want in our lives, we will miss seeing what we DO want in our lives. The moment this thought dawned in my mind, snowflakes began to fall around me and dance on the breeze as if the universe was celebrating the moment with a handful of white glitter tossed down from heaven. For the rest of the drive I enjoyed the beauty of the tree branches and their noble structure set against the grey sky that can only be seen in winter when they are not clothed in their leafy garments of spring, summer and fall.

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