Long Distance Love in a Global Pandemic

I don't know when I'll see you again. You, there on the other side of the Earth. Me, here in the country that's become the epicenter of a global pandemic. Borders are closed and travel restricted. Plans canceled. Plans delayed. Plans dying. Hope fading. 
But love is something bigger, isn't it. I've always said that this love is much bigger than my fragile human form can contain. It's enormous. It flows through me with all the power of the oceans and the steadfastness of stars. But I can't get to you. My heart is always reaching out to you, but my arms are empty. 
I can't hold all this love, yet the distance between us prevents me from pouring it all over you as I long to do. 
So I am going to spread it out, far and wide, in big and small moments for you to find later. 
I'm tucking it into the stars at night so you can feel my love when those shimmering diamonds pierce the blackness. 
I'm hiding it in the storm clouds, so the song of rain will sing my love to you. 
I asked a bird to carry it to your window. I asked the moon to sprinkle it in your dreams. 
Look, my darling, this love is everywhere. I've hidden it in the blooms of flowers and in the branches of trees. I've even placed it in the trash on the street because I know that you see love in imperfections. 
In the sweet treats that touch your lips and the cool water that soothes your throat. 
I've woven my love into music and song. I've hidden it in the smiles of friends and strangers. 
So no matter how long we are apart, you will encounter my love in all the small moments of your day. 
I hope we are together soon. 
I like to imagine a day long into the future, after we've had many seasons together, that we will be walking along, hand in hand, and a beautiful bird might sing out from high in a tree, or a colorful flower may catch our eye and we'll say, "There it is." There is another one of my countless love notes hidden throughout the universe. We will find them together, years later, when this time of separation has become a well faded memory. 
And long after our fragile human forms have departed this earthly realm, the ones we have left behind will also say, "There it is." They will find our love, still woven into small corners of daily moments and oft overlooked sighs. In the scent of rain and the comfort of chai. 
Because for every day we have spent apart, I have tucked a thousand echos of love into every pulse of the universe, for you to find whenever and wherever you need them. Now and forever. 

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