Swallowing Sand

Another birthday apart. 
This makes five now. 
Another day without him.  
401 days since we last embraced. 
Soon it will be another Valentine's Day without him too.... just like New Year's, and Christmas and Diwali and every other special day. 
And the thing is, if we were together,  every day would be special. But while we remain apart, the holidays go by like swallowing sand, and tonight I am choking. 

The single people tell me I should just be grateful to have someone who loves me. 
The married people tell me to just be patient and "soon" we will be reunited. 
The best people tell me to lean on them. They cry with me when I feel weak and they celebrate with me when I feel strong. 

Happy birthday to me. 
Another day begins 12,000 miles away from the man who holds my heart. 
Happy birthday to me. 
Half a world away from my soulmate, my twin flame, my love. 
Happy birthday to me. 
How is it that time keeps passing   when my life feels stuck and unable to move forward?  
Happy birthday to me. 
Life is out of balance when my heart is so full of love but my arms are empty. 
My arms are empty. 

(Please share the hashtag, #LoveIsNotTourism to keep giving attention to our plight, a struggle which thousands of others are also experiencing. Thousands of us are being ignored by the governments that are making rules about travel and visas. The same governments that are giving visas to business people and sports teams are keeping families and loved ones apart.) 


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