Swallowing Sand

Another birthday apart. 
This makes five now. 
Another day without him.  
401 days since we last embraced. 
Soon it will be another Valentine's Day without him too.... just like New Year's, and Christmas and Diwali and every other special day. …


Love is Not Tourism - Pandemic Insomnia

Thoughts that keep me awake at night during the ongoing pandemic

It's cruel. Separated for more than a year from my fiance in India. 
If it were really about safety, then why are business people and sports teams permitted…


Embrace to Release

I am a Yoga Teacher. Before the pandemic I was teaching about 17 classes a week. In all of my classes I had music in the background. Sometimes soothing, sometimes upbeat, depending on the style of class. Since becoming a…

My View - Pandemic Reflections


My view now, as I sit sipping coffee on a mild November day in Pennsylvania. But the beauty of this post is not contained in the photo, but in what it represents. This is a story of resilience, generosity, friendship…

Riches Beyond Measure

Drape me in the sparkling beams of sunlight beneath the tree with golden leaves. 
Cover me in the scent of flowers that dance in the meadow. 
Bedazzle my brow with the silver light of twinkling stars and I'll wear the…

Welcome Home


A breeze came through the forest. It felt magical... like an ancient song, whispered by the Earth herself. 
Time spent in the woods brings me back in touch with the natural cycles of life. I see the dead fallen trees…


How Can You Make Progress?

Recently I was giving a private yoga session to a gentleman via video call. During the session I noticed that he was pushing his stretch further than what his body could reasonably accommodate. I gently reminded him not to force…

Dear Uncle Walt


Dear Uncle Walt, 
Tomorrow it will be 4 months since your death. I think of you every day. I miss hearing your voice. I miss your strength. You never shied away from life. You had a fair share of heartaches…

Living Outside of Your Comfort Zone


Living outside of your comfort zone requires deliberate effort throughout life. When you first step outside of your comfort zone it is frightening and uncomfortable, but if you stay there for a while, it eventually becomes comfortable. Maybe you start…


Long Distance Love in a Global Pandemic

I don't know when I'll see you again. You, there on the other side of the Earth. Me, here in the country that's become the epicenter of a global pandemic. Borders are closed and travel restricted. Plans canceled. Plans delayed…


One thing I know for sure

I've heard that people are protesting the shutdown. I've heard that people are refusing to wear masks and are ignoring the social distancing recommendations. 
It's not my place to judge or criticize. But I will admit that I am perplexed…


Accidental Egg Hunt

I want to share with you what I think is a funny story about how I ended up participating in an accidental egg hunt on a quarantined Easter Sunday. 

With all these days and nights blending one into the other…