In a Past Life...

I recently had a very interesting conversation with my beloved about the spirit of trees and their energy. It reminded me of this poem I wrote almost two years ago now. A poem that felt like a remembering more than a creation. Reflecting on trees made me want to share this poem. I hope you enjoy it. Let me know in the comments if you can relate to it, if your spirit resonates with non-animal entities in this world, or if you have even felt the soul of a tree. 

In a Past Life...

A Poem written April 25, 2017


In a past life you were a river and I was a tree. 

You, always you, and I, only me 

You, a river powerful enough to drag and push heavy rocks to the Sea

Strong enough to dig into the Earth and reshape your own boundary

Gentle enough to invite dragonflies  upon your banks and boulders

To carry moonlight and starlight upon your back and shoulders.

I , a weeping willow tree growing near, 

with trunk gnarled and twisted made 

long flowing branches that dance on the wind

A respite for birds, and a haven  of shade 

You carved out the land between you and me to reach the caress of my luscious green hue  

I reached my roots deeply into your bed only to touch the very heart of you.

Your voice was the swirling around  rocks and reeds, of sighs, and trips

My voice was the whisper of wind through leafy arms and fingertips

We sang together in darkness of night 

We sang together in day's warm light 

Every Autumn I would shake loose my golden garlands to decorate your waves and in yellow splendor hide you

In Winter I would bejewel myself in diamonds of snow and ice and stand as a queen beside you 

Ever-flowing, ever-changing, you were endless, boundless, and free 

Yet always present, always nurturing I drank you into me

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