How Does Tarot Work?

I am often asked how exactly tarot works. How can a stack of cards give you advice or predict the most likely outcome of a situation? So this is my feeling about the Tarot; how it works, and how I

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My Tarot Journey

Tarot Beginnings  

You may know me as a singer, a music teacher or as a Yoga & meditation teacher, but did you know that I am also a Tarot card reader? I began reading tarot cards in 2017. In a…

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The Beatles Ashram in Rishikesh, India

Greetings from Haridwar, India, where I have been staying since Tuesday at a beautiful Ashram that is within walking distance of the Ganges River. 

Yesterday we took a day trip to Rishikesh, which is considered to be the Yoga capital…

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Watermelon Juice - Easy Squeezy

Does anything feel like summer more than a red ripe juicy watermelon?

Here in India, the watermelon season is much longer than what it was when I lived in Pennsylvania, USA. Watermelon is such a fabulous treat, but sometimes navigating…

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Peace is Possible

After two long years of pandemic induced anxiety,  a war in Europe is now heaping more stress and worry on top of that Covid mountain, and with it the concept of peace, let alone world peace, starts seeming like a…

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Stove-top Pizza

Homemade Pizza without an Oven

When I lived in Pennsylvania I LOVED making homemade pizza! Not only is it less greasy than what is served at the local pizza parlor, but it cost much less too and can be made…

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Golden Strands

Written December 2016 

"Once again I find myself 
As if under a spell 
Your words are golden strands 
Weaving their enchantment and 
Cast like a fisherman's net 
Into the ocean of my heart 
Sinking down into my soul 
And then…

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Mantras for Healing & Happiness

What is Mantra?

"Mantra" is often translated as "mind protection". It is believed that mantra has the power not only to affect the body and mind by offering healing, relaxation and rejuvenation, but also to purify and protect your mind…

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How to Sing Better Instantly

Improve Your Singing with these 3 Exercises  


Improve Your Singing with Breath Support 

Not only do singers need enough breath to sing long notes and phrases without interruptive inhales, but good breath support also allows you to sing with ease…

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The Gift of Pain

We spend so much time and energy avoiding pain, don't we? We wear comfortable shoes and sleep in comfortable beds. We guard our hearts and protect our bodies from injury. So it seems quite ridiculous to say that there is…

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Thank You

It’s a Saturday afternoon in India and I am sitting in a health clinic waiting out the mandatory observation time after receiving the second dose of the covid vaccine. There are about 3 dozen other people here as well. I…

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