On the verge of something Wonderful!

A few weeks back I was having a discussion with a dear friend. We were talking about this thing I have been trying to manifest for many, many months now. A particular situation that has taken a lot of time…


This is the Reason Why...

This is the reason why... I feel really good recommending our studio to anyone who is looking for greater wellness and peace in their lives.  Because I believe in the power of yoga, fitness, meditation and music, to heal, uplift…

In this very moment

"Yes, you really understand the process. We need that vulnerability and humility to let go. We feel that wave of release and a lightness comes over our being. But it is never once and done, is it? Even when the


Maintaining a Positive Mind

Frequently taught in relationship counseling is the idea that for every one negative comment or complaint you make about a person, you should then also share 5 positive comments. This way, there is not only a greater abundance of positivity


You came to me barefoot at the temple door
Rose petals strewn across the floor
Your words like scented oil sweet
You placed so gently at my feet

An offering of you in essence and form
Upon my heart jewels…


Nothing But Love

One day I'll die. 
We all die.
Time and again.
And when my time comes again,
Believe not whatever tale is told of my demise
Whether accident or illness, 
Even in violence, or in peace.
Whatever is said,
However it…

Inspired by Courage

My dear friend, Amanda Lyn, just released her 'Timeless' EP. (Actually, I think I got an advanced copy, but it will be releasing soon!) And it is fantastic! Great Rockabilly Sound, wonderful lyrics and an amazing collection of talented musicians…

A Stack of Gratitude

It began a long time ago when I was a young girl. My family did not have a camera nor the money for souvenirs. So it was an ingenious idea of my parents to allow each of us children to…


This Fragile Human Form

My love for you cannot be contained in this body.
The edges of this existAnce are always on the verge of bursting open... stretching beyond what is possible... a pain in the soul,... the pain of being contained,... of being…


Your Message

"Our own life has to be our message"

This is a quote by Thich Nhat Hanh

Read these words again

"Our own life has to be our message."

What is your message?

 Before your mind goes making a list of…


Allow the Unfolding - Cliff diving anyone??

Trust in Divine Timing.

That’s what we are told. Trust. I’ve even reminded myself and others to ‘allow the unfolding’. To let things unfold naturally instead of trying to force a certain outcome. When we are doing our work, learning…


Dandelion Smiles

“I have lost my smile, but don’t worry. The dandelion has it” – Thich Nhat Hanh

What a beautiful thought. This week in several of my yoga classes I invited students to reflect upon this quote, and I also shared…