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Whether you are new to yoga, or have been practicing for years, Yoga Club will inspire and motivate your practice. Yoga is a wonderful journey that we travel to come back home to ourselves. Yoga helps us feel at home in our body and mind. Being part of Yoga Club means that you can access your online yoga studio ANYTIME and ANYWHERE. You can learn and practice from the comfort of your home or on your travels and at the times that work best for YOU. You can also enjoy the community feeling of a yoga studio by participating in our "Yoga Chats" where we discuss different yoga topics and ideas. It really IS your online Yoga Studio, but you will get so much more than classes.

Asana (pose) - In this section you will receive detailed instruction on individual poses. Take time to really understand each pose; the parts of body that are engaged as well as the chakras emphasized. You will learn optimal alignment for each pose and taught how to avoid common mistakes. Quizzes are included to help reinforce your knowledge about the poses.

Classes - A wide variety of classes will be uploaded regularly. From gentle restorative classes to more vigorously flowing classes, you can find a practice that suits your needs and energy level on any given day. Class style and length will be listed in the title so you can choose exactly what you need and in the time frame available to you. You have lifetime access to the full archive of classes so that you can return to your favorite classes as often as you like.

Buiding up to Inversions - Going upside-down can be intimidating, but there are easy steps you can take to progressively, mindfully, and safely work towards full inversions. This section walks you through all of those steps, offering modifications along the way. If you thought inversions were out of your reach, this section will help you change your view, literally, as you gain a new perspective on being upside-down!

Meditation - One of the eight limbs of classical yoga, meditation is an important component to any yoga practice. In this section you can enjoy audio files of guided meditations as well as teachings on different meditation techniques.

Beyond the Mat - In this section you will learn about other various elements of a well-rounded yoga practice including teachings on the Chakras, Yamas, Niyamas, Pranayama, Koshas, and MORE! And don't worry, if you aren't familiar with these words or topics, you will be soon!! :)

Yoga Chat - Here we discuss a wide variety of yoga topics as well as answer any questions you might have about yoga. Whether you are seeking clarification on a particular pose, or pondering an aspect of yoga philosophy, you can ask your questions here and receive support and guidance from an experienced registered yoga teacher. Ask questions, share your views, and connect with other practitioners here in Yoga Chat.

New classes and lectures are uploaded regularly to the course. You will receive an email twice a month letting you know exactly what has been added so that you won't miss anything!



Beautiful Souls Membership

Join the Beautiful Souls Community


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As a member of the Beautiful Souls Community, you will enjoy the benefits of

  • A weekly reflection
    • Enjoy a wide variety of inspirational and helpful messages
    • The weekly reflection may be a video, an audio file or written content
    • Reflections are meant to keep you focused on your journey and inspire you on your path
  • Access to a private Facebook Group exclusively for Beautiful Souls Members
    • Connect with other like-minded souls
    • Share inspiration, ask questions, give and receive support
    • Build friendships
  • One free module from EVERY course available on the Beautiful Souls Academy
    • The Courses offered on the Beautiful Souls Academy combine yoga, music, breathing, meditation, relaxation and spirituality.
    • The free module may be used as a stand alone resource or as a preview to the full course if you choose to delve more deeply into the given topic.
  • Access to Live Streaming Events
    • A musical event, a live discussion or a group meditation - whatever it is, as a member of the community you will have free access to these events


Singing Fundamentals

A solid foundation to jump start your singing training with skills, knowledge, tips, tricks and more!

Singing Fundamentals

With over 2 decades of experience as a singing teacher, I have seen that most students face similar challenges on the road to successful singing. Small changes made in understanding the breath, shaping vowels, projecting the voice, and appropriate use of imagination can make enormous improvements in a student's singing abilities.

In this course I have put together the remedies for common mistakes singers typically make, along with solid techniques and skills required to improve your singing quickly. This course is not weighed down with overly technical information. This is a course for ANYONE who wants to improve their singing skills. It is not necessary for you to be able to read music to take this course, nor do you need a piano, although having access to a piano or keyboard will make it easier to practice your warm ups and vocal exercises but it is NOT required for you to be successful in this course.

In designing this course my goal has been accessibility. When I was a child, I wanted so much to be able to take music lessons, to learn singing and to study an instrument. But I couldn't do any of those things. Time, Money, and transportation were all obstacles to being able to take private lessons as a child. That is why creating this course was so important to me. I wanted ANYONE to be able to study singing, at their own pace, in their own home, and at a price that would be much lower than if you were to gather this same amount of instruction through hours of private lessons.

In this course I am going to teach you how to maximize the power of your breath, how to get a richer and fuller sound in your singing, how to eliminate habits that could potentially damage your voice, and how to handle performance nerves. I will help you avoid common mistakes, and teach you how to smooth out your voice from your low notes to your highest notes so that voice "cracks" and "breaks" will be eliminated. You will learn how to soar on your highest notes and how to use the breath for every beautiful nuance of your voice. I will help you to fast track your singing education with solid knowledge and helpful tips and tricks and so much more!

This course is for ANYONE who wants to improve their singing, whether professionally or just for fun. I will jump start your singing education by teaching you the fundamentals of singing in a fun and accessible manner that you can study at your own pace. You will have lifetime access to the course material so you can revisit any of the lessons whenever you need a refresher.

Let me tell you a bit more about my own education, teaching and performing. I have been blessed to study singing with 3 different teachers at 3 different colleges. Each one taught me something different and helped move me along my musical path. I am grateful to every teacher I had over the years, from singing teachers, theory professors and piano teachers and guitar teachers. Ultimately I received my degree from Lebanon Valley College with an emphasis on vocal performance. I have been a teacher at the Community School of Music and the Arts, as well as the Keystone Arts and Theater School. I was a director of several children's choirs for over 14 years and have been teaching private singing lessons for over two decades. I have worked as a consultant for choirs and professional singing groups. I spent 7 years with the LVC Alumni Chorale and was a frequent soloist during that time. I have been writing songs and singing since I was a child and have recorded 5 collections of original songs and performed in countless locations as a singer/songwriter. You can find my music on iTunes, Amazon, and YouTube. For more information please visit my website

When I began teaching singing, my expectation was that I would mostly encounter students who were interested in either opera or musical theater. Certainly I have had many such students in my music studio, but what surprised me the most early on, was the amount of vocalists from heavy metal bands that sought me out to learn healthy vocal technique and how to increase the power of their voice. I share this with you to show that the techniques you will learn in this course can be used to improve your voice regardless of the style of music you prefer to sing.

The information presented in this course would normally take the average student 8 months of private lessons to learn. If you committed to a half hour singing lesson every week for 8 months your financial investment would be $960. I am offering this information to you for LESS THAN HALF of that investment. For $444 you can learn all of the information that is typically covered in 8 months of lessons AND I am here to support you on your journey. As you progress through the course I will be with you whole time to answer your questions and to cheer you on. Even after you have gone through every module of Singing Fundamentals, you have lifetime access to the course so that you can return to it again and again as needed and can fully absorb the techniques, tips and tricks taught here.

Are you ready to take the next step towards your singing goals? I am ready to help you get there. Let's go!



Sequencing - An Online Course

Learning how to link yoga poses together safely and smoothly to create a flowing yoga practice.


Sequencing Course

Whether you are a yoga practitioner who would like to supplement your time in the studio by getting a stronger home practice, or if you are a teacher looking to increase your creativity and confidence in writing/planning your classes, this course will provide you with the skills and confidence needed to build a smoothly flowing practice and also encourage you to look at the transitional steps (cues) needed to get you safely and easily moving through various poses in your yoga practice. Paying attention to transitions is paying attention to safety. Being able to get OUT of a pose with awareness is just as important as getting INTO the pose.

Participants who complete this course can receive continuing education credit hours through Yoga Alliance.


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