Allow the Unfolding - Cliff diving anyone??

Trust in Divine Timing.

That’s what we are told. Trust. I’ve even reminded myself and others to ‘allow the unfolding’. To let things unfold naturally instead of trying to force a certain outcome. When we are doing our work, learning the lessons, shedding the layers, and moving forward, sometimes …. (Umm, actually a lot of the time,)… we would like some concrete affirmation that our work is paying off, that our efforts come to fruition in a tangible way, and preferably RIGHT NOW. This is normal human behavior. We need some motivation to keep us inspired to do all this hard work. And it IS hard work… it takes courage, honesty, and the ability to tolerate being uncomfortable a lot, because that’s exactly what we are doing, we are breaking out of our comfort zone and leaping into the discomfort because that’s where the growth happens. And we want the growth! We want greater happiness and peace and we know we need to GROW to get there. We want a life that excites us and stirs our soul and makes the world a brighter place. So this is why we do the hard work, we dig down into the dark places of ourselves and bring the light of healing to our wounds, to our scars, to our delusions and attachments. This work is HARD. And that’s EXACTLY WHY we want some tangible evidence of the payoff, and we want it NOW. We want the signs, the blessings and the manifestations today. Hahaha… for real. We do. But, in this interconnected and interdependent existence, its not just about us. There are countless threads connecting us with everything else and everyone else in the universe, all moving forward together . That’s right. Its not just about us. Its about the ALL of US. Remember, we are not just doing this for our own ascension, we want to take ALL SENTIENT BEINGS WITH US,… and that is a huge endeavor. Numberless incidents and events all perfectly timed in synchronicity to produce the best result for EVERYONE. And THAT, Beautiful Soul, is what we call DIVINE TIMING.

So now you know the reason, this beautiful orchestra of light, creating a marvelous symphony that will be the greatest benefit to everyone. Just like in an actual symphony, timing is important. We can’t just rush ahead and finish our part. Imagine an orchestra where everyone was playing the same musical piece, but all in their own time. Yikes…. Would we even recognize the piece? It would sound like chaos! Its like that - a cooperative symphony that we call Divine timing. We have to trust in the bigger picture, the piece as a whole and not just our own contribution.  Its so hard though, isn’t it? The faith required for this journey is like taking a trust fall off the edge of a cliff....

And if feels like falling…. And falling… and falling… so we try to grab onto solid ground. ANY SOLID GROUND… something to hang onto, to make us feel comfortable and secure. Some tangible something…. A relationship, a job, a project, a thing, ANYTHING to make us feel we have something to hang onto and give us a respite from the free-fall.  But solid ground in an illusion. In this universe, impermanence permeates everything. It is always changing, shifting, growing, and evolving. This is GOOD NEWS. It means change is possible, and growth is possible, and EVERYTHING is possible! But is doesn’t feel like good news when we are taking that trust fall off the edge of the cliff. We wonder, what if I really fall? I mean, SPLAT!! and land on ROCK BOTTOM? What if our risks don’t pay off? What if it doesn’t work out? What if…? What if…? What if….? JUST STOP!! STOP the doubt. STOP the worry. STOP reaching out for that solid ground which is only an illusion anyway. You aren’t meant to grab onto things that will weigh you down. You are meant to FLY!! Yes, my beautiful darling, we aren’t falling, we are learning to fly! It absolutely IS a trust fall off of a cliff… a very high cliff for sure. This is where we learn to soar, and embrace the limitlessness of our true nature. Yes. You are limitlessness.

So let’s remind ourselves, when we are not seeing the results, when we are weary, when we wonder what is so great about ‘waking up’ anyway,  when it feels so uncomfortable, let's remind ourselves that we are here to learn how to FLY! To soar to the heights of our potential, to dive headfirst into the energy of unconditional love and raise the vibration of the entire world. Yes, beautiful soul, that’s a big mission, but it’s what you came here to do.

Trust divine timing. Allow the unfolding. When we stop grasping and instead, open ourselves to ALL the possibilities, everyday becomes an adventure. The kind of adventure that gives you butterflies in your stomach, a slight waver in your voice and a weakness in your knees, but it’s also the kind of adventure that makes everyday a miracle, an amazing journey, a wondrous expedition into the unknown. Everything becomes part of the adventure. Suddenly the challenges and perceived obstacles on our path are seen for what they really are; lessons to be learned, and growth to be made.

If you need some extra help getting comfortable with uncertainty, I suggest you read Pema Chodron, who has a book by this same title, and other wonderful teachings explaining how we can lean into our discomfort, instead of shying away from it, and get in touch with that soft spot within us, instead of hardening ourselves against life’s experiences.

I sincerely hope that these words have provided you with some encouragement and renewed your vigor for this wondrous journey. Spread your wings darling, because you aren’t falling, you are FLYING!!

Lots of love from Jennifer

Ps - If this message spoke to you, and you aren't already a member of the Beautiful Souls Community, you may want to consider joining. This blog is a great representation of what we strive to achieve together and if it resonated with you, then the weekly reflections would be a continuation of the ideas and inspiration that I wrote about in this blog. So check it out and know that we would LOVE to have you in our community of Beautiful Souls.

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