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February 24, 2023

Hello Beautiful Soul, 

Over here in India the “Winter Season” has definitely ended and the temperatures are back into the high 90’s! I have heard that weather in the Northeast of the USA has been a little bizarre  with temps into the 70’s and then dropping again close to freezing. These kinds of ups and downs can really be a challenge to your immune system. If you find yourself developing a sore throat, or a nagging cough, you might want to try my homemade remedy for a sore throat. Click Here to learn more about this easy recipe made with common kitchen ingredients. 

This month I celebrated my birthday by taking a truly wonderful trip to Karnataka in the South of India. We stayed at 2 different resorts, both equally fabulous. The first resort was located in Bravindavan Gardens which were spectacular. If you haven’t seen it yet, take a look at the fabulous view we enjoyed of the gardens from the hotel. 

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The February Tarot Special is only available for 4 more days - This month’s special theme, “Expanding Love,” uses 6 cards to reveal guidance on how to expand love into your life including self-love, family love, partner (or future partner) love and other advice. The reading will be  20 to 30 minutes over video call on Zoom or WhatsApp. To take advantage of this special offer, follow this link and purchase “Expanding Love” for $47. I will then contact you to arrange the date and time for your reading.  Offer is available until the end of February. 

Now is a GREAT time to join Yoga Club if you aren’t already a member! New in February is a Yoga Practice calendar that not only lists the schedule of our online weekly live classes, but also offers a daily suggestion of a recorded class from our large library of classes with links provided. You can challenge yourself to do a certain number of classes a week, and then check the classes off on this calendar to keep track of your progress and stay dedicated to your practice. Click Here to take a look! 

Additionally, I am delighted to announce that Theresa Ferlazzo will again be sharing her talents with us for a special class on Thursday, March 9th. The first half of class will be Restorative Yoga (led by me,) and the second half will be a relaxing guided meditation by Theresa that you can enjoy while reclining on your mat in Savasana, relaxation pose. Class begins at 8pm Eastern Time and is expected to be between 60 - 70 minutes in length. Join Yoga Club today so that you can enjoy all of the wonderful benefits, including having your Yoga Community available to you wherever you go - that is the beauty of an online studio, you are never away from your “Home Studio.” 

And finally, did you know that Tarot Club welcomes all levels of experience? Even if you know nothing about Tarot, but have an interest in learning, you can become a member today and take advantage of the “Learning the Tarot” curriculum. This is a members only community which provides a positive and supportive space for you to have fun with tarot. Click Here to view the monthly benefits of membership. 

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Love and Light, 



A Happy Year Ahead 

January 28, 2023

Hello Beautiful Soul, 

We are several weeks into this New Year now and I hope that it is off to a great start for you.  

I have been busy creating new resources and content to help you cultivate more happiness and well-being in your life.  

If your New Year’s intentions included rededicating yourself to your yoga or meditation practice you may be interested in these two short videos; 

“Meditation is a Gift” which offers a new perspective with which you can approach your meditation practice more positively.  

“Improve Your Balance” in which you will learn some quick tips to help you maintain better balance in your yoga poses. Yoga Club members have access to a series of instructional videos on balance, but if you are not yet a member of Yoga Club, this short video will give you a quick overview of important reminders for better balance.  

The New Year’s Tarot Special is only available for only a few more days. This is a 20 to 30 minute  tarot reading done on video call (over Zoom or WhatsApp) that will use 5 to 6 cards to reveal opportunities and advice for the New Year, including energies to welcome and energies to release, knowledge to learn and gifts to accept.  

To take advantage of this special offer, follow this link and purchase “New Year Video Call Reading” for $47  

If you are hesitant about Tarot and don’t really understand the benefits, I invite you to watch my video “Tarot for Self Empowerment” in which I describe how tarot can be a wonderful tool for personal growth.  

A happy life requires that you cultivate a happy mind. Pay attention to your thoughts because they are shaping your life. Check out my recent blog entitled, “Happiness is in Your Hands” to understand the importance of using your thoughts to create a very happy life.  

Additionally I suggest that you watch my new video, “Abundance Mindset” where I invite you to recognize whether you tend to see the lack in your life or the abundance.  

And finally, just for fun, here is a video I filmed of a large mongoose that I spotted right in front of our building yesterday afternoon.  

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Love and Light, 



New Song Released

November 24, 2022


​Hello Beautiful Soul, 

I am delighted to announce the release of my new song, Only Love. 


You can also download an audio version of the song here;​ 


Love & light,