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Owls, Islands, Painting & More!

May 28, 2024


Hello Beautiful Soul,

In last month’s email I shared with you a photograph of Luv and I on the beach at Koh Kood, Thailand. Since then, I put together a short little video of some of our favorite moments from our time on the beautiful Island of Koh Kood. You can View it Here.


Also new on my YouTube channel is a short video on painting without brushes. Whether you need to entertain little ones over their summer break, or you just enjoy easy and fun art projects, you might want to take a look at this video where I demonstrate 2 different brush-less techniques for some painting fun! 


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A few weeks ago I completed a three day food fast. When some of my yoga students found out about it they had a lot of questions about why, and how, I was doing it. So I decided to write a  blog called, “Intuitive Fasting” where I explain the motivation behind my 3 day fast and how I went about it. You can Click Here to read it


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Right now you can enjoy Tarot Club for just $4 a month! (The enrollment fee is usually $8 a month.) Tarot Club is a safe, online space for anyone who is interested in Tarot. Maybe you join to learn Tarot, maybe you join to be part of a Tarot community, or maybe you join because of the deep discounts I give to members on Tarot Readings - Whatever the reason, you will surely enjoy the many benefits of membership which include; 

  • A section dedicated to helping you learn the meanings of the cards 
  • Monthly Energy Readings 
  • Tarot Spreads that you can download and keep for you own use and practice
  • Prompts to help you explore your reading more deeply
  • Tarot Talks 
  • Tarot Q&A! 

This is a community for anyone who is enthusiastic about Tarot and/or Oracle Cards!

When you enroll in Tarot Club be sure to use coupon code: {Secret Sales are only available to email subscribers. Opt-in to my email list to receive future specials and discounts directly to your inbox} to receive 50% off your monthly subscription fee. Click Here to learn more about Tarot Club. This special is only available for the next two weeks! The coupon code will expire on June 11, 2024.


And lastly, for anyone who is interested in Owls, Tarot, or BOTH check out my recent video where I walk you through every card in my newest tarot deck, The Tarot of the Owls


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Love and Light,



Butterflies, Renewal, Piglets & Planks

April 5, 2024


Hello Beautiful Soul,

Luv and I had a wonderful time in Thailand enjoying the gardens of Bangkok and then the beautiful island of Koh Kood. 

Now we are back into our routine at home in Nagpur where the temperatures have been 106 & 108 this week! Not exactly the “Spring Has Sprung” feeling that I remember from Pennsylvania, but we sure do enjoy the seemingly endless sunshine, so I guess it all works out. 

And speaking of Spring, we are well into the first few weeks of official Spring, so remember to revisit the 30 Day Plank Challenge to see how those Spring Bonus Videos feel to you this time around. Remember that this is a free course - a gift from me to you and to your wellness. 

It has been over 7 months since we moved into our new home and I finally put together a little video to show you the before and after images. I remain totally in awe of my husband and his ability to foresee and consider EVERY detail of our home. There are dozens of big and small touches that can’t even be properly shown in a video, such as how the sofa armrests can lift to become backrests. And how he installed a drain pipe right next to the aquarium so that we don’t have to carry away buckets of dirty tank water on cleaning days. And our beautiful mandir whose interior lights were designed to shine on the hanging crystals creating rainbows all around. Truly there were dozens of details about our home where he had the wisdom to foresee our need and the imagination to create a solution. If you would like to take a small glimpse at the HUGE amount of work he accomplished in building our home, you can Click Here to watch the video.

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My recent Tarot Project, 78 Days of Tarot - Encouragement & Advice, wrapped up on March 28th. It was a big project to write, record, edit, and post content for 78 consecutive days. I enjoyed the process and of course gained a deeper understanding and appreciation of the beauty and wisdom of tarot. If you missed any of it you can find all of the videos Here

Because I was busy writing all the content for my above-mentioned tarot project, it has been TOO MANY months since I published a new blog. But recently, upon discovering a strange object in one of our plants, a chain of events that morning sparked a variety of thoughts and reflections about my life here in India. The blog is called, Butterflies & Piglets. 


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I have really been enjoying the themed Tarot readings and I decided to make them available only to you, and others who have opted-in to receive my emails. These specially themed readings are offered at a significant discount of $47 for a half hour session over video call. (The regular price for a half hour reading, when you bring your own question, is $83.)

In a themed tarot session you do not need to ask any particular question because the “question” is already inherent in the theme. For example, right now I am offering a themed reading called, “A Welcome Renewal.” This is a reading about opening yourself to energies and activities that will bring a renewal into your life. Discover what you can invite into Your Heart, Your relationships, Your Work and Your Spirit that will bring a fullness and a joy into the coming weeks. So if you are feeling ready for some new energy in your life, and possibly a new direction, book one of these special readings with me and we can see what advice you receive. 

If you would like a half hour session where you can ask your own question, use coupon code: {subscribe to my email list to receive special discounts and coupons sent directly to your inbox} to receive $25 off the regular price. Click Here for more information and to book your reading. 

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Love and Light,



Happy Leap Day!

February 29,2024


Hello Beautiful Soul,

Happy Leap Day! On this “Extra Day” I am offering you an “Extra Discount” in honor of Leap Year. If you have been thinking about getting a tarot reading from me, now is the time. I am offering a Leap Year sale of $40 off a half hour tarot reading held over video call. 

Here is how you can redeem this offer;

Your reading will consist of 4 to 6 Tarot Cards. Please have one question, or an area of inquiry, in mind to start your session. If time is remaining after looking at your first question, we can explore this question more deeply, or move on to another question as time permits.

After purchasing your session I will email you to schedule the day and time of your Reading. Sessions will be held over Zoom or WhatsApp. I will also ask you to send me your question so that I can prepare in advance the type of spread I will use, and supporting crystals too.

Follow the link above to learn more and be sure to enter the discount code at checkout.


Enjoy your bonus day! 

Lots of love,



Your Future, Your Fitness, Your Fun

January 6, 2024


Hello Beautiful Soul,

Happy New Year! I sincerely hope that this first week of the New Year has been going well for you. But if things haven’t been going the way you intended, don’t worry because you still have 51 more weeks left to make 2024 awesome!

To help you make a smooth (and wise) transition into the New Year, I recently created the perfect Tarot Spread for this purpose called, “Closing Out the Old Year & Ringing in the New Year.” This is a Tarot reading that uses a total of 6 cards to show you what lessons you should take with you from the old year and what you should discard. It also advises you on the best place to put your focus and energy for this new year and where some caution is advised too. This Tarot Reading can easily be completed within a half hour video call, or if you prefer, you can book a full hour which would leave you with time to ask any additional questions. When you book your half hour or hour reading, just mention if you would like me to use this spread during your session. 

Click Here to purchase a Half Hour Video Call Tarot Reading (Check out the coupon code below before you purchase your Half Hour Session) 

Click Here to purchase a One Hour Video Call Tarot Reading


Now Available in Yoga Club - Flow to Fit with Yoga contains 14 classes of flow based yoga - beginning very gently and gradually building up to greater strength, stamina and flexibility -  designed especially for non-beginners who may have been away from their practice for a while and need a safe and effective way to return to their yoga practice. Flow to Fit with Yoga is also perfect for the yoga student who feels stuck on the “Gentle Yoga Plateau” and needs some support and motivation to move towards a more vigorous practice. 

The first 9 classes are already available right now in Yoga Club. Taking one step at a time, you can begin your ascent to greater fitness today. (This mini-course is included in Yoga Club just like the Beginner Yoga series is also a part of Yoga Club’s curriculum.)


This Month’s Secret Sale[Secret Sales are only available to email subscribers. Opt-in to my email list to receive future specials and discounts directly to your inbox]

Whether you are interested in the New Year Tarot Spread that I mentioned above, or would like to ask your own questions, you can use coupon code:       to receive $24 off your Half Hour Video Call reading. This coupon code is valid through January 2024 and can only be used for half hour video call readings. However, there is no limit to how often you may use this coupon in January. Click Here to purchase a Half Hour Video Call Tarot Reading


Coming Soon! I am well aware that there are many misconceptions around the topic of Tarot and people don’t always understand how (or why) it is used. Oftentimes people think that Tarot is only used for predicting the future or engaging in “spooky” endeavors! But the truth is that Tarot is a wonderful tool to help you gain insight, clarity and wisdom in your life. 

To help people better understand how Tarot can be used in this way I have embarked upon a very rewarding project; 78 Days of Tarot Encouragement & Advice. The Tarot system consists of 78 cards and there are ample resources that can teach you the traditional “meaning” of the cards, but I endeavored to look beyond the meaning, and listen for the encouragement and advice that each card offers you. This project has been even more interesting than I anticipated and I am very excited to launch 78 Days of Tarot Encouragement & Advice on January 11th. Each day I will be posting a short video on YouTube sharing encouragement and advice from one card at a time. I will also be giving away random free card pulls for the folks who are following this series. 

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Love and Light,


New Song Released

November 2022


​Hello Beautiful Soul, 

I am delighted to announce the release of my new song, Only Love



You can also download an audio version of the song here;​ 


Love & light,