Choosing Happiness 

On Sunday evenings or Monday mornings is when I look to the week ahead. I review my schedule, which changes from week to week, and I review my enormous to-do  list. I mentally prepare myself for the week ahead and for the tasks I need to accomplish. 
At the start of this week while I was looking at my list of tasks, and categorizing them, and prioritizing them, it occurred to me that in all this planning and everything I hope to achieve, I haven't planned out how I want to FEEL. This is a very important…

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TRX, Beyond the mat, part 3 

What is TRX Class like for someone who has never done it before? In this blog I will share with you my first impressions of a TRX Class. Admittedly, I have only been able to attend a few TRX classes, but that's the point. This is a "newbie's" view of TRX, so that when someone asks me; "What's a TRX class like?" I can reply from the same perspective of a client who is brand new to TRX. **Spoiler Alert** TRX was SO MUCH FUN! But read on for more details. 

First of all, What IS TRX?? Here is the class…

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A Remedy for Sorrow 

Visualize a starry sky, on a clear night with every corner of the sky as far as you can see, sparkling with countless diamonds in red, silver and blue. I hope you've seen such a sky at least once in your life. Bring that image into your mind with as much clarity as you can envision. Feel a sense of peace wash over your body and mind. The stars remind us that this world is bigger than our struggles. Stars live for billions of years. Our little drama will play out in a handful of decades. 100 years from now…

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Where's My Lollipop? 

Growth is a continual process of death and rebirth. We shed old ideas and beliefs. We shed old relationships and ways of being. We shed former versions of ourselves. It's painful. Its exhausting. And yet,  let's be honest. A part of us still expects, or desires, a smoother path.....maybe lit with rainbows and shooting stars and constant signs and encouragement from spirit/divine/universe that we are on the right path.  (but for real, that would be awesome! 🤣)  After we did the difficult inner-work, and…

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Refuge from a Mad World 

This was the scene just a few hours ago, as I sat in my car in front of Just Breathe Yoga & Fitness studio and cried. Massive tears streaming down my face without even the slightest effort to hold them back. I was there to teach a class, but truth be told, if I wasn't teaching, I probably would not have been there. After far too many challenging days and weeks, it would've been so easy to just stay home and go to bed instead of going to yoga. But I was the teacher. I didn't want to disappoint anyone. So I…

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Seasons of Us 

You, crossed my path as calm as a warm spring breeze
then shook up my life like a hurricane gale force wind
that blew away all, all dust and debris.
All that was not for my highest good.
You warmed my cold body like the summer sun
and showed me how to shine.
You taught me how to let go, as gracefully as leaves in Autumn, a beautiful release.
You showed me how to look inward
and how to be comfortable in stillness
like the silent blanket of the winter snow,
covering all in whiteness, a clean slate,

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How to Reduce Suffering 

It may be true that suffering is a part of life. It may even be true that we need a certain degree of suffering to help us grow into a compassionate human being. But one thing I know for sure, we can greatly reduce our suffering when we understand how the mind works and something that is called "the suffering of suffering"

"The Suffering of Suffering" is when we encounter suffering and then the mind itself behaves in such a way that compounds our suffering. In other words, your own thoughts take a…

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Pilates - Beyond the Mat, part 2 

People ask me frequently, what is Pilates like? Since I am not a Pilates instructor, I can only comment from my own view. So I have written here about my personal experience with Pilates. This is not about the history of Pilates or of the many benefits you can find in Pilates. Just like my previous blog on aerial yoga, this is not so much informative but rather about my personal encounter with Pilates and how it dramatically improved the quality of my life. (If you haven't yet read my blog entry; Aerial

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Raven Heart 

Let me tell you a story of falling and flying, of bleeding and becoming.

It began small and wholly unnoticed at first. I was being nudged towards the edge for years though little neglectful actions and small unkind words. Contained within the tiniest of moments the disregard for me had crept in like a cancer. But the moment of falling began with a note.  Left there carelessly, was a note addressed to the one I loved that read, "Thank you for a wonderful weekend" and signed by a name that wasn't mine. This…

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Aerial Yoga - Beyond the Mat, part 1 

This is a personal story, about my experience of Aerial Yoga and how I found healing and courage within that silk hammock. 

Before I was the owner of the studio, I heard that aerial yoga was being offered locally. It was something I really wanted to do, but for some reason, I was holding back. Many months passed, maybe a year, between when I first heard about these aerial yoga classes and when I actually attended my first class. Why was I holding back? Not because of fear, maybe a little bit because of…

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