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Watermelon Juice - Easy Squeezy 

Does anything feel like summer more than a red ripe juicy watermelon?

Here in India, the watermelon season is much longer than what it was when I lived in Pennsylvania, USA. Watermelon is such a fabulous treat, but sometimes navigating around the multitude of seeds starts to feel tedious when you just want to enjoy a mouthful of luscious fruit. This is how I was feeling one day when the idea of using my nut milk bag to make watermelon juice came to mind, and let me tell you, this was a great idea!! In the…

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Mantras for Healing & Happiness 

What is Mantra?

"Mantra" is often translated as "mind protection". It is believed that mantra has the power not only to affect the body and mind by offering healing, relaxation and rejuvenation, but also to purify and protect your mind, your consciousness, from harmful energy, and also to purify your negative karma. You don't have to believe in karma or anything else to benefit from mantra. It is as easy to understand as recognizing that a happy thought makes you feel good and an angry thought makes you…

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How to Sing Better Instantly 

Improve Your Singing with these 3 Exercises  


Improve Your Singing with Breath Support 

Not only do singers need enough breath to sing long notes and phrases without interruptive inhales, but good breath support also allows you to sing with ease and gives you the ability to control the nuances of your voice. Every loud or soft note you sing depends upon how you are managing the breath. My beginner singing students are usually very surprised to discover that singing is much LESS about what is going on in…

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Embrace to Release 

I am a Yoga Teacher. Before the pandemic I was teaching about 17 classes a week. In all of my classes I had music in the background. Sometimes soothing, sometimes upbeat, depending on the style of class. Since becoming a yoga teacher many years ago, my own personal practice has been done in silence. Maybe it was all the classes, with music, and all the talking required to give precise instruction to guide students through the class safely and with encouragement that caused me to prefer a silent personal…

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How to Reduce Suffering 

It may be true that suffering is a part of life. It may even be true that we need a certain degree of suffering to help us grow into a compassionate human being. But one thing I know for sure, we can greatly reduce our suffering when we understand how the mind works and something that is called "the suffering of suffering"

"The Suffering of Suffering" is when we encounter suffering and then the mind itself behaves in such a way that compounds our suffering. In other words, your own thoughts take a situation…

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In this very moment 

"Yes, you really understand the process. We need that vulnerability and humility to let go. We feel that wave of release and a lightness comes over our being. But it is never once and done, is it? Even when the clarity and realization is strong, there always seems to be a deeper level,... more letting go,... more clarity.... more vulnerability. Like flowing water can, over time, carve into and reshape rocks and stones, so are we having our rough edges smoothed, little by little, as these waves of

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Maintaining a Positive Mind 

Frequently taught in relationship counseling is the idea that for every one negative comment or complaint you make about a person, you should then also share 5 positive comments. This way, there is not only a greater abundance of positivity in the relationship, but you are also creating a habit of positive thinking.  We can apply this technique to our own minds. If we notice a negative thought, a worry, or a self criticism, we can practice generating 5 positive thoughts. If generating a positive thought… Read more

Mood Enhancing Substances 

I’ve heard that the way to get a great workout is to ‘increase your resistance’. Well then, I had a fantastic workout, because during the time I spent on the elliptical today, I RESISTED the urge to SING every time my favorite Bollywood songs came on my playlist! I also RESISTED dancing when those upbeat, toe-tapping, Post Modern Jukebox jams came on! And that’s a good thing… because me dancing on the elliptical machine could only end in disaster. Not that I don’t have stellar moves, (These curves put the…

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Recent events in the news have many of us heartbroken as we struggle to make sense of a senseless world. Remember that what we put our focus on will expand, so be careful where you turn your attention in these dark days. This is NOT a suggestion to turn a blind eye  - This is how to see the sorrow  and shine your light brightly anyway.

 1 - Outweigh the negative with positive 5 to 1. For every heartbreaking situation you hear about, make a mental list of five positive things you heard. For every one person…

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