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Tarot Talk - What are the Chances?! 

Tarot is amazing. It really is. Although I have been a tarot reader for many years now, I am still surprised and delighted by the accuracy and consistency of the tarot. You might think that by now I would be less amazed, but it's like looking at rainbows - I never tire of seeing them. I am always amazed by the “magic” of light splitting into a spectrum of color. Tarot is just like that to me - always beautiful and amazing. 


So let me tell you about a recent event in my tarot adventures that once again left…

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An Amazing Year - 2022 

Here we are at the last days of 2022 and I am looking back on this year and feeling, “WOW!” - What an amazing year! 2022 was my first year spent entirely in India and it was a fabulous year of growth for myself and for the Beautiful Souls Academy.  

At the start of January I was 2 months into using the Yoga for Pain Relief techniques I learned from Lee Albert and was already seeing the benefits. It was like a miracle, after 6 months of excruciating low back and sciatic nerve pain, I was finally free. I…

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Tarot for Self Empowerment 

A Defining Moment 

Years ago, shortly after I first began reading Tarot for myself, I got a professional reading from a fantastic Tarot reader named Ethony. The path proceeding that moment had been extremely difficult and painful. It felt like everything that was important to me had crumbled away and I wasn’t sure how to rebuild. In some ways it was really freeing because suddenly there were many possibilities in front of me, but as all of this turmoil was very unexpected, I wasn’t equipped to face those…

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How Does Tarot Work?  

I am often asked how exactly tarot works. How can a stack of cards give you advice or predict the most likely outcome of a situation? So this is my feeling about the Tarot; how it works, and how I use it.  

Most of us can readily admit that there is something ”beyond” ourselves, something limitless, something Divine. But do you ever wonder how such a source could communicate with you? There are many stories from various religious traditions where an unexpected interaction or a sudden vision of the Divine…

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My Tarot Journey 

Tarot Beginnings  

You may know me as a singer, a music teacher or as a Yoga & meditation teacher, but did you know that I am also a Tarot card reader? I began reading tarot cards in 2017. In a time of upheaval and confusion, I saw how the tarot could offer clarity by helping me tap into my own inner wisdom, connect to my higher self, expand my view and at times reveal unseen aspects of challenging situations. I found the tarot to be a wonderful tool for cultivating and strengthening my own powers of…

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