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Be Yourself 

It was sometime within the first year after I moved to India. In the early morning, I was enjoying a cup of coffee at the kitchen table with the back door open. A thousand thoughts were running through my mind, mostly about all the adjustments required after moving to a foreign land. Truthfully, just the mental work of so many new things to learn often left me exhausted. Overall I felt that I was adjusting well, but it is also expected that there would be moments of homesickness, and occasional longing for…

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Perfect Meditation 

Recently someone asked me, on a YouTube comment, how to do "perfect meditation."

This is the sincere reply I wrote, which I am sharing here in case you have also been searching for the "perfect meditation." 


There is nothing such as "perfect meditation" to strive towards. Meditation is non-striving. It is not about getting any "new" or "perfect" technique. Meditation is about remembering that you are already whole. You have everything you need right now.

You are an extension of Divine Love. Nothing is…

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An Amazing Year - 2022 

Here we are at the last days of 2022 and I am looking back on this year and feeling, “WOW!” - What an amazing year! 2022 was my first year spent entirely in India and it was a fabulous year of growth for myself and for the Beautiful Souls Academy.  

At the start of January I was 2 months into using the Yoga for Pain Relief techniques I learned from Lee Albert and was already seeing the benefits. It was like a miracle, after 6 months of excruciating low back and sciatic nerve pain, I was finally free. I…

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Yoga Curious? - Answers to the 10 most Frequently Asked Questions about Yoga 

Hello, my name is Jennifer Kathleen and I have been teaching yoga since 2014.

Today I am here to answer 10 of your biggest questions about yoga, including the ones you are too embarrassed to ask. So let’s jump right in. . . 

Can Yoga Help Me to Lose Weight? 

Yes. A regular Yoga practice will help you to tone and balance your body. A daily flow styled  practice, whether Gentle or Vigorous, of at least 30 minutes a day will definitely help you to burn calories and lose weight. Even Restorative Yoga, with…

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The Beatles Ashram in Rishikesh, India 

Greetings from Haridwar, India, where I have been staying since Tuesday at a beautiful Ashram that is within walking distance of the Ganges River. 

Yesterday we took a day trip to Rishikesh, which is considered to be the Yoga capital of the world, mainly in regards to the spiritual aspects of yoga beyond the poses. Rishikesh is located on the Ganges River. Here the river is wide, deep and fast flowing. It was an amazing day. 

 I’ve selected 7 photos, out of the very many I took, to take you on a virtual…

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Namaste - What does it mean, and how do we use it? 

If Namaste means "Hello" then why do we say it at the end of a Yoga Class?

Have you ever wondered about the meaning of "Namaste" and its use in the yoga community?  Perhaps you have heard others discussing why we should or shouldn't use this word as part of our yoga classes. I would like to offer you my own unique perspective on this topic, as a white, American Yoga teacher living in India with my Indian husband. But first, let's take a look at the literal meaning of this word and its modern day usage. Then…

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Embrace to Release 

I am a Yoga Teacher. Before the pandemic I was teaching about 17 classes a week. In all of my classes I had music in the background. Sometimes soothing, sometimes upbeat, depending on the style of class. Since becoming a yoga teacher many years ago, my own personal practice has been done in silence. Maybe it was all the classes, with music, and all the talking required to give precise instruction to guide students through the class safely and with encouragement that caused me to prefer a silent personal…

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How Can You Make Progress? 

Recently I was giving a private yoga session to a gentleman via video call. During the session I noticed that he was pushing his stretch further than what his body could reasonably accommodate. I gently reminded him not to force a stretch. He made a joking reference to the well known motto; "No Pain, No Gain." I told him that my yogic philosophy does not include that belief. Then he asked me, "How can I make progress if I don't push myself?" This was my reply; 

You don't push. You hold. When you feel that…

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Aerial Yoga - Beyond the Mat 

This is a personal story, about my experience of Aerial Yoga and how I found healing and courage within that silk hammock. 

Before I was the owner of the studio, I heard that aerial yoga was being offered locally. It was something I really wanted to do, but for some reason, I was holding back. Many months passed, maybe a year, between when I first heard about these aerial yoga classes and when I actually attended my first class. Why was I holding back? Not because of fear, maybe a little bit because of…

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Dance of the Beached Whale and other Midnight Musings 

I had one of those Mondays. Do you know the kind that I mean?  Like a bad cup of coffee that is tinged by bitterness and yet I recognize that bad coffee is still better than no coffee. Today wore the grey cloak of disappointment. It began in yoga class. And incidentally, Monday’s class is my favorite yoga class, taught by my favorite teacher. She is a true yogi.  The kind of person that makes you feel blessed and benefited just by being in her presence.  So I really don’t want to sound ungrateful when I…

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