Perfect Meditation

Recently someone asked me, on a YouTube comment, how to do "perfect meditation."

This is the sincere reply I wrote, which I am sharing here in case you have also been searching for the "perfect meditation." 


There is nothing such as "perfect meditation" to strive towards. Meditation is non-striving. It is not about getting any "new" or "perfect" technique. Meditation is about remembering that you are already whole. You have everything you need right now.

You are an extension of Divine Love. Nothing is missing from you or your meditation practice. All that is required is for you to remember your own wholeness and your eternal connection to all of life, to supreme Oneness. Let go of any thoughts that do not align to this fact. Release any beliefs you hold of unworthiness, and of lack. Free yourself from the idea that there is any distance between you and enlightenment, or between you and Divinity. No more striving and collecting, no more grasping and searching. Now, only shedding. Let go of all the labels that have been placed on "the self" and claim your inheritance of freedom and unconditional love right here and now.

Every time you sit in meditation, whether it is one minute or even just one breath, remember that you are releasing obscurations so that you can see more clearly only that which has been true all along. And yes, there are many techniques to release obscurations and to shed mistaken beliefs, but the best and easiest way is simply to remember your wholeness.

There has never been a moment of your life when Divine love has not pulsed through your spirit, not a single moment when you were not part of the whole and one with everything. Just breathe, and remember who you are. This is meditation. Just breathe.

When you remember, with unshakable clarity, that you yourself are One with this beautiful, amazing, wondrous universe - with the stars, with every loving smile that has ever occurred and will ever occur, with every stunning sunset and sunrise, with every single vibration of Love - when you remember, your heart will swell with such force of love and gratitude that you will bow down with tears in your eyes, so overwhelmed to see this truth and know, in your heart of hearts, that you have been whole all along.

In that moment the entire Universe, and every enlightened being that has ever lived and ever will live, will rejoice tremendously at your remembering. 


Much love,

Jennifer 💞

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