My Tarot Journey

Tarot Beginnings  

You may know me as a singer, a music teacher or as a Yoga & meditation teacher, but did you know that I am also a Tarot card reader? I began reading tarot cards in 2017. In a time of upheaval and confusion, I saw how the tarot could offer clarity by helping me tap into my own inner wisdom, connect to my higher self, expand my view and at times reveal unseen aspects of challenging situations. I found the tarot to be a wonderful tool for cultivating and strengthening my own powers of intuition and knowledge of the self. Tarot became a great compliment to my meditation practice, to literally help me see specific thought patterns and spiritual lessons represented in the cards.   

For the next several years I continued to use the tarot in this way, just for my own clarity. Occasionally friends (the few who knew that I read the Tarot) would request a reading. I was happy to share this wonderful tool with them but overall the tarot was a personal practice only. In 2018 I launched the Inspired Souls Club and began offering a weekly Oracle Card reading as one of the benefits of membership but beyond that I never felt the desire to read publicly for strangers, that is until 2022  

Accidental Public Card Reader  

In May of 2022 my husband and I went on a 3 week trip to Northern India. It was a sort of spiritual pilgrimage for us both, visiting important sites relevant to Hinduism, Yoga and Buddhism. For part of the trip we stayed at an Ashram in Haridwar. One evening my husband happened to mention to a group of men visiting the Ashram that I was a card reader and that I was traveling with an Oracle Deck. They were all very interested in having a card pulled for them. I had never read publicly for strangers before, so this was a big step for me. What really impressed me was how respectful and appreciative these men were of the process and the results. It wasn’t entertainment for them, they were definitely interested in receiving guidance and clarity regarding certain situations in their lives. It was an incredible experience. Each of the men felt that the messages they received were relevant to their inquiry and also very helpful. It was a moment of revelation for me to really trust in my intuition while sharing the interpretation of the cards and then seeing how beneficial the readings were. The idea of becoming a professional card reader began to take shape. However, it took a few more gentle nudges from Spirit until I fully embraced this calling and began offering Tarot Card Readings on the Beautiful Souls Academy. 

Benefits of Tarot Readings

Tarot Readings offer you clarity in times of confusion and help guide you towards your dreams and goals. Just like your own eyes cannot see themselves without the help of a reflective device, such as a mirror, the Tarot Cards are a tool to reflect back to you the wisdom of your soul and the landscape of your mind. They can also give you advice from your Higher Self, and the Universal Divine. Tarot Readings are an invaluable resource for co-creating your ideal life and manifesting the best version of yourself and your life. 


My Reading Style 

My intention is to empower clients to reach their highest good, for the highest good of all by helping them access their own innate wisdom and to let go of thought patterns that are no longer serving them. I believe in cause and effect (karma) and the Law of Attraction. The way you think about yourself and your life definitely shapes the kind of life you experience.    

In my readings I use cards based on the Rider Waite Smith system as the foundation with further interpretation accessed intuitively. Additionally, when applicable and desired, I offer my clients suggestions for positive affirmations, meditations or journal exercises to help them release limiting beliefs that may reveal themselves in the reading.

The cards shown in the photo are from The Good Tarot by Colette Baron-Reid, which was my very first tarot deck, and still one of my favorites. 

So that is how it began with a few nudges from Spirit along the way to get me where I am today. My Tarot journey continues to be one of amazement, revelation and gratitude. 

Have you ever used Tarot as a tool for healing or self awareness? I welcome you to share with me a glimpse of your own Tarot journey in the comment section. 

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