Tarot Talk - What are the Chances?!

Tarot is amazing. It really is. Although I have been a tarot reader for many years now, I am still surprised and delighted by the accuracy and consistency of the tarot. You might think that by now I would be less amazed, but it's like looking at rainbows - I never tire of seeing them. I am always amazed by the “magic” of light splitting into a spectrum of color. Tarot is just like that to me - always beautiful and amazing. 


So let me tell you about a recent event in my tarot adventures that once again left me amazed and joy-filled over the wonder that is the Tarot. Fellow tarot readers will nod their head and smile because we have all had such encounters as these with the tarot. Doubters of the tarot may find that they feel a small shift in their perspective after reading about these remarkable experiences. 


I had recently created a new Tarot Spread for members of Tarot Club called, “Shine A Light” and I wanted to give it a try myself, as I always do, before I share it with Tarot Club or offer it as a reading to my clients. This spread uses 4 cards to bring your attention to an area or aspect of your life that is either hidden or has been ignored and then provides guidance on how to bring balance, and light, into this situation or issue. 


I selected ‘The Herb Crafter’s Tarot’ deck off of my shelf and began my brief ritual for cleansing the deck (which included cutting the deck several times and also shuffling) and prepared my heart and mind for the reading. After cleansing the deck, and clearing my mind, I shuffled thoroughly and pulled out 4 cards for the spread. It was immediately clear to me which issue was being highlighted here and yes, it was an issue that I had been avoiding. I won’t share the details of the reading because that part is quite personal, but I will show you a photo of the cards below. 


So there it was, spread out in front of me in the cards, the issue I had been avoiding. The tarot was inviting me to shine a light on it. So I spent several moments reflecting on the messages here, and then in my own sassy style I thought; “OK FINE! You want to look at this issue? Then let’s look at it!” I collected all the cards, cleansed the deck again, and began a second thorough shuffling. This time I was going to use another spread that I had created called, “Should I?” in which you ask a direct question of something you are considering doing and the cards give you information about what will be the benefits, the challenges and the most likely outcome if you decide to do whatever the thing is. 


“So Here Goes” I thought as I asked in my mind the question that I had been avoiding making a firm decision about, which was the question that the first reading had truly shone a light on, and then I pulled out 4 cards. Again, I won’t divulge details about the personal messages I received but I WILL show you the photo from this second reading: 


Take a look at this photo compared with the first one I shared. Did you notice that the last 2 cards of BOTH spreads are EXACTLY the same?! Keep in mind that a tarot deck contains 78 cards! Seventy Eight total cards shuffled thoroughly in between the two readings and yet somehow the last two cards of both spreads are identical! What are the chances?? 


Tarot readers learn very quickly about the consistency of the messages that come through the cards. You can ask the question slightly differently, you can use a different spread, but when you are essentially asking about the SAME issue, you will get the same answer, even if you were hoping for a different one. And in my view this aspect of tarot gives a certain legitimacy to the practice for those who may be doubtful or unsure of the value of tarot readings.


Now let me share with you another experience I had that was also way too specific to have been a random coincidence. It was almost two years ago. I had created a special tarot spread only for myself that required the use of 2 different decks. From one deck I chose purposefully (not pulled randomly) 2 cards. One card I chose to represent my desire for my inner, spiritual life and the other card I chose to represent my desire for my outer, earthly life. The two cards I intentionally selected from the deck were the best representation of my heart’s desires for my inner and outer life. Now I got out the second deck. From this deck, after the usual vigorous shuffling, I pulled (randomly) four cards to go around the edges of the first 2 cards from the other deck that I had placed at the center of the spread. I won’t bore you with all of the card placements and meanings, but only share with you two specific cards. In part of the spread there was a card position to show me “What energy do I need to align with internally to achieve my desire?” and there was another card position to answer the question of “What energy do I need to align with externally to achieve my desire?” and can you guess what happened? The cards were each a direct match to the two cards I had selected from the first deck!! The card relating to internal energy was identical to the card I had chosen to represent my spiritual desire and the card relating to my external energy was identical to the card I had chosen to represent my earthly desire. This was such an amazing demonstration of the actual truth in the words; “As within, so without” and also the teachings of many different spiritual traditions that advise you to “Be the Change” you wish to see, and to “Act as If” you already ARE what you desire. In other words, if you want to be happy, then radiate happiness. If you want to be wealthy then radiate abundance. If you want love, then BE love. It was such a beautiful experience. And again I asked myself, “What are the chances?” out of 78 well shuffled cards, that I would randomly select four cards and have two of them be exact matches to the two cards from the first deck? Perhaps you think that if this sort of thing happens often with tarot, that I shouldn’t be so amazed, but as I said previously about rainbows, I never tire of seeing rainbows and always feel surprised and delighted when one appears. 


I have shared with you just two of my own personal experiences with the tarot that have made me ask, almost rhetorically, “What are the chances?” but there have been many other similar incidents when working with my clients. (I have chosen to share my own personal experiences only and to keep my client’s experiences completely private.) and every time something so beautiful and profound happens, as it so often does when working with the tarot, I feel such an up-swell of joy and gratitude for this incredible tool that is the tarot. It truly does offer guidance and clarity to help you make the best decisions for your highest good. 


If you would like to explore the tarot further, or hear more of my personal experiences with the tarot you can take a look at my tarot playlist on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAfjkBHjJmJpMTumXtIfUr2zsXx3-v8ce


And of course if you are interested receiving a tarot reading from me, you can find my offerings here https://beautiful-souls-academy.teachable.com/p/tarot-readings


Thank you for reading. Feel free to leave a comment below if you would like to share any of your own remarkable experiences with the tarot. 


Love and light,




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