Tarot for Self Empowerment

A Defining Moment 

Years ago, shortly after I first began reading Tarot for myself, I got a professional reading from a fantastic Tarot reader named Ethony. The path proceeding that moment had been extremely difficult and painful. It felt like everything that was important to me had crumbled away and I wasn’t sure how to rebuild. In some ways it was really freeing because suddenly there were many possibilities in front of me, but as all of this turmoil was very unexpected, I wasn’t equipped to face those choices. I wasn’t sure which new direction to take. So I employed a skilled Tarot reader in the hopes of gaining some clarity. I purchased a video recorded reading from Ethony and sent her my questions, which were basically a “should I take this path or that path” type of inquiry. Her response was truly a meaningful moment in my life. I received many insights from her but essentially the reading said that either path I chose would be ok. Neither option in front of me stood out as especially positive or negative. Life has its ups and downs and either choice that I made would work out ok for me. It might surprise you to hear that the cards didn’t direct me towards any particular path. You might even think that the Tarot didn’t actually answer my question, but Spirit always knows exactly what we need, and THIS was definitely the message that I needed to hear at that time. Why? Because it was a huge wake up call that I can create my own life! I am in charge. I can choose which way to go and I can make the most of my choices. It was truly an empowering moment. It was as if Life was telling me, You get a new start now, what do you want to do with it? The reading also helped me to release so much fear by telling me that I would be ok. Of course it still took a lot of work and dedicated effort to fully take my own power into my hands and create the life I truly wanted, but I did it, and the Tarot reading from Ethony gave me the encouragement that I desperately needed at the time. Now, a handful of years later I am living my BEST life! I continue to use Tarot as a tool for self empowerment for myself and for my clients. Now let’s talk about how you too can use Tarot for your greatest benefit.  

The Value of a Tool 

The value of any tool lies not only in the tool itself but in your use of that tool. Imagine that you had a goal of getting in shape and reducing your weight. You go out and buy a treadmill because you heard that a treadmill can help you shed pounds and get fit. You put your shiny new treadmill in your bedroom. Then you hang your robe from the railing of the treadmill, and place a nice stack of books and one leafy plant on the treadmill’s belt. You admire how nice it looks, the shiny new treadmill serving as both bookshelf and plant stand, and you patiently wait for your body to feel the benefits of your latest purchase. That would be a little crazy, right?  If you treat your treadmill as a plant stand then your use of that tool is not in alignment with your intentions and therefore will be of little benefit to you, despite the money you invested into it.   

Tarot is also a tool and what you get out of it depends upon what you put into it. You might say; “Wait a minute, I thought Tarot was just a mystical device that a Tarot reader uses to see my future. How can I put anything into it?”  

Just like in the above example, your intentions and your use of the tool determines how much benefit you derive from it. So let’s talk about how Tarot can be used as a tool for self empowerment.  


The way in which you use a tool determines the result you will get. Before getting a Tarot reading, know your intentions. Are you merely curious and/or wanting some entertainment? Are you going through a difficult time and longing for some encouragement? Are you feeling aimless and hoping the Tarot will give you some direction? Get clear about what your intentions are and  then focus on the particular area of your life in which you are seeking guidance. Love, Finances, Career and Purpose are all very common areas of inquiry in Tarot Readings. Once you have honed in on the area of your life upon which you would like your reading to focus, next comes  the most important element of using Tarot for your greatest benefit, which is forming your question.  


Tarot gives you the ability to communicate with higher wisdom, divine guidance and your own soul's intelligence. If you are hoping for a helpful answer, the question that you ask matters a lot!  

Imagine that you are preparing for an important exam. You are feeling stressed. The exam is just two weeks away. You go to a Tarot Reader and ask if you will pass your exam. Whether you receive a yes or a no answer, very little will actually change in your life. Most likely you will still spend the next two weeks studying anyway, just as you have been, but perhaps now with a little more or less stress in your mind depending on the answer you received. But Tarot has the ability to do so much more for you!! To use the Tarot for self empowerment you must think about the result that you WANT and then ask the Tarot how to manifest it. Imagine how differently the Tarot reading might’ve gone if you had asked, “How can I achieve a high score on my upcoming exam?” With a question like this you are really allowing the Tarot to speak to you in the most beneficial way. Instead of simply a yes or no answer, now you get some real guidance. Now, in our hypothetical example, the Tarot reader lays out the cards and tells you to make a concise study plan. She tells you to do some of your studying out in nature because the close connection to the earth will help you stay grounded and focused instead of getting distracted by worry and frivolous concerns. Perhaps the cards also show that you would benefit from participating in a study group with others, or maybe they tell you that you need more time studying in solitude before your exam. Maybe the reader tells you that your stress is actually blocking you from being able to absorb the information required to succeed in your exam. She gives you a breathing exercise intended to calm your mind or a positive affirmation to help you manage your fear and stress. Whatever comes up in this hypothetical reading is much more beneficial to you than simply a yes or a no.  

[At this point I want to pause, in case you are wondering to yourself, “Can a Tarot reading really give someone all that information?” and I need you to hear this - YES! Yes it can.] 

Passive vs. Active engagement 

To successfully use the Tarot as a tool for self empowerment you must be an active participant. As I hope I have illustrated clearly in the example above, the question you ask (and your willingness to hear the answer) is how you can become an active and empowered participant in your Tarot reading.  

Now for a real life example: 

I recently did a reading for a young woman who was just finishing college and was about to begin an internship. She wanted to know if she would be successful in her career and specifically if she would earn a lot of money. Success and financial security usually take several, if not many, years to achieve. Various contributing factors can shape and change a person’s career timeline as well. I felt that this was a very foggy and generalized question, therefore I encouraged her to re-frame the question from passive to active. She agreed, and asked; “How can I be successful in my career?”  I set up a very nice spread for her, (a Tarot spread is when cards are pulled and placed in a pattern where each card has a specific purpose assigned to it) that gave her a lot of information. She was shown the mental habit that she needed to abandon to achieve success. She was advised to take some deep rest after her exams, before her internship began. The cards also revealed that the path in front of her would require more determination and stamina than she realized but that the difficult period wouldn’t last long. And finally, the cards also revealed that a significant person would soon be entering her life who would present her with a new opportunity to move her career forward. This was a WAY better answer than merely “Yes or No” and strongly demonstrates again how important the question is when getting a Tarot Reading.  

What is Your View? 

Your view of life definitely influences the type of question you would tend to ask. For example, believing that everything is fate, and largely out of your hands, is a passive view and a very different viewpoint than believing that you, and your higher power, co-create the life that you desire for your greatest good. A passive approach is only asking what will happen while an active approach is asking how can I make this happen. 

To be an active participant and use Tarot as a tool for self empowerment, I advise you once again to think about the result that you WANT and then ask the Tarot how to manifest it.  Instead of asking passive questions that give away your power, ask active questions that will empower you to create the result that you desire.  

For example, in Love & Romance readings, instead of asking questions like; 

Will my Ex return? 

Will I meet my soulmate soon? 

Will I get married next year?  


Consider these; 

What am I still carrying from my last relationship that I need to release? 

What is blocking me from creating a meaningful relationship? 

How can I become the best version of myself for when my special someone arrives? 


For the record, the Tarot can answer both sets of those questions - and a treadmill can also be used as a plant stand. The choice is in your hands. I encourage my clients towards self-empowerment.  





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Image from the Light Seekers Tarot by Chris-Anne

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