Mood Enhancing Substances

I’ve heard that the way to get a great workout is to ‘increase your resistance’. Well then, I had a fantastic workout, because during the time I spent on the elliptical today, I RESISTED the urge to SING every time my favorite Bollywood songs came on my playlist! I also RESISTED dancing when those upbeat, toe-tapping, Post Modern Jukebox jams came on! And that’s a good thing… because me dancing on the elliptical machine could only end in disaster. Not that I don’t have stellar moves, (These curves put the ‘hip’ in hypnotic!)  but I am not much of a multi-tasker, and would come crashing down onto the floor when my attention went all to dancing and none to staying balanced on the machine. So there I was today, NOT singing and NOT dancing, but grinning just widely enough that it seems out of context for the situation and people around probably wonder if I am on some mood-enhancing substance. … The answer is YES I AM! I am on regular doses of GRATITUDE and I am totally addicted to YOGA! Both of them are very mood enhancing. Why am I so grateful for this sweat soaked time at the gym? Let me tell you, there have been many times in my life, when illness or injury made simply walking very difficult. Times when I needed help just to get myself dressed. Times when even the smallest movement triggered a great deal of pain. So, when I can walk around on my own two legs, when I can move, and run, and do yoga, and spend an hour on the elliptical machine, how can I be anything but grateful? Do you need some extra motivation maintaining or beginning a fitness program? Think of this; there are countless people all over the world who would LOVE to be able to do the workout that you are avoiding,… but they can’t. Countless people who would love to just have the freedom to move around on their own two legs…. But they can’t. So if you have freedom of movement and need a little extra motivation to get your fitness program back on track, why don’t you dedicate your workout to the happiness of all those people who are not able to walk, run, and move like you can? Remembering this will inspire gratitude throughout your workout and dedicating your efforts to the happiness of others will send so much positive energy into the world and also help you to accumulate positive karma. What we send out into the world echoes back to us. In these simple ways we can train our minds to always work toward the happiness of others and always inspire gratitude within ourselves for this beautiful life.

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Love & Music,

Jennifer Kathleen