Maintaining a Positive Mind

Frequently taught in relationship counseling is the idea that for every one negative comment or complaint you make about a person, you should then also share 5 positive comments. This way, there is not only a greater abundance of positivity in the relationship, but you are also creating a habit of positive thinking. 
We can apply this technique to our own minds. If we notice a negative thought, a worry, or a self criticism, we can practice generating 5 positive thoughts. If generating a positive thought feels difficult in that moment, try listing 5 things, 5 aspects of your life, for which you are grateful. Sometimes a negative emotion can be very heavy and feel very strong. In those moments it can be challenging to think of even one positive thought. But if you begin with gratitude, you can travel the distance from a negative thought or feeling to a positive and lighter mind. Start by simply recognizing this breath within you, and generate gratitude for it. For this heartbeat, this moment, this day... for the sky above you and the earth beneath you. The list begins to grow and grow and you feel your mind becoming lighter. 
Meditation can help with this practice, because in order to be able to transform the mind, we first need to see what is there now. If you don't see, or notice your negative thought, you won't make an effort to transform it. The practice of meditation is the practice of watching the fluctuations of the mind, the shifting waves of thoughts, feelings and emotions, and then learning how to remain steady within these waves. You are not a little boat being tossed about on the sea. You are the entire ocean. Reclaim your power, the power of the positive mind.
With love from Jennifer
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