Words Matter

Hello Beautiful Soul,

This week I have been reflecting on the words of Jesus in which he said,

"For out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks."

We have discussed the topic of "right speech" before but today I would like to specifically focus on the idea that your words are an extension of your heart.

Your words are an extension of your heart. How does that feel to you?

When your words are not in alignment with your heart it manifests in your life as anxiety, anger and depression. It is very important that we keep our words true.

But more than that, consider that every time you speak you are revealing your heart. Would you change the words you use? Here I mean not only the words that you speak aloud, but also your internal dialogue. The inner voice that is always narrating your experiences. We often call them thoughts, but recognize that thoughts are very often merely a collection of words in our mind.

As a general observation of society I feel that many folks use their words carelessly, even recklessly. People say things they don't mean and then often don't say the things they truly mean, or feel. Imagine a world where everyone said what they meant and meant what they said.  Of course I am not naive enough to believe that we could ever get this world of billions of people to all speak their words more carefully BUT you do have control over who you allow into your inner circle. And you do have control over your own words as well.

When you think of words as an overflow of the heart, suddenly they mean a lot more. The person who speaks angry words and then later says; "I didn't mean it" not only has a heart full of anger but also a heart full of duplicity, or falsehood.

Think about the people in your life who always have a kind word to share, an uplifting word to give, a positive outlook to consider. These are the folks we enjoy spending time with.

Whereas the folks who always have a criticism, a complaint, and a negative outlook on life, drain our energy.

When we are being lied to we don't always recognize it right away and we can believe for a while the words spoken. But when the lie is revealed then we understand that this person has a lot of falsehood in their heart. And eventually their own words will reveal their true nature.

But let's take a look at ourselves for a moment. Consider the words you use. Are they gentle? Truthful? Loving?

I think that we could ALL improve in this regard. We have all spoken words out of anger or frustration. But instead of shrugging it off with the common excuse of; "I didn't mean it" let's do better at saying what we mean, and really speaking in a way that will reflect our heart, the heart that we wish to cultivate.

So if there is a lot of pain or anger in your heart right now, the good news is that this flow goes both ways. You can start to use your words to change your heart. When you begin speaking more peacefully, and gently and positively, your beautiful heart will bloom into this new way of being.

Try it. The next time you find yourself forming words in your mind or mouth, that is expressing in a way that isn't in alignment with the heart that you desire, change your words and see how it feels.

Make gentle, truthful and loving speech your priority, and see how things begin to shift in your life.

Lots of love,




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