Your Message

"Our own life has to be our message"

This is a quote by Thich Nhat Hanh

Read these words again

"Our own life has to be our message."

What is your message?

 Before your mind goes making a list of your achievements and your successes, think about this; what do you really want to say with your brief time on this planet?

 Each one of us will have a different answer to that question. And I hope that your message will be your own, a message that has blossomed out of your authenticity. Only you know what your message should be or what you would like your message to be. I want my message to be about kindness. I want my message to be about acceptance. For others to see that I handled my challenges with grace. That I was willing to learn and grow from whatever heartaches presented themselves. I want each person that crosses my path to feel that I see them and appreciate them - this is what I mean by acceptance, that each person I encounter feels genuinely accepted for where they are right now in this moment, honestly and authentically.

 I want my message to be about empowerment because there is power in living authentically. And there is power when we choose how we want to feel and what we want to think. Our thoughts create our life so I would like my message to tell people the power of their own thoughts and their ability to create the life that they want.

 Kindness, compassion, acceptance and empowerment - let this be my message. What is your message? Think about it because everything you do and say is sending a message out into the universe. It's not about the degree hanging on your wall. It's not about the amount in your bank account either. It's your every thought and every action that sends subtle vibrations out into the universe. What are you contributing to this existence? What energy are you bringing to every situation? It's not just the big grand actions that change the world. Drop by drop a bucket will eventually overflow. These small drops are our thoughts and actions. What are you doing to raise the vibration of this existence? It could be as simple as an honest smile that lift someone's spirits. Each day, in big and small ways, we are sending a message out into the universe. Understand the responsibility that you have each day and each moment. Let's recommit ourselves to contributing in a positive way to every situation in every moment. Actions have energy but so do thoughts. What energy are you sending out into the universe with your thoughts, your actions and your intentions?

Again, I will ask you, so that you will ask yourself.... what message is your life sending? What would you like that message to be? Is there a distance between what IS now and what you WISH it would be? If so, start asking how you can bridge that distance and make your life be the message you WANT to send out into the Universe. 

And here is a little reminder... it all begins with your thoughts. 

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