A Remedy for Sorrow

Visualize a starry sky, on a clear night with every corner of the sky as far as you can see, sparkling with countless diamonds in red, silver and blue. I hope you've seen such a sky at least once in your life. Bring that image into your mind with as much clarity as you can envision. Feel a sense of peace wash over your body and mind. The stars remind us that this world is bigger than our struggles. Stars live for billions of years. Our little drama will play out in a handful of decades. 100 years from now, none of these worries or fears, regrets or sorrows will matter at all. There is freedom in that truth. Freedom to look beyond our small corner of the world and see a bigger picture. To stare into this vast and mysterious universe and know that you are a part of it all, however brief. The stars remind you of the limitless possibilities and unexplored potential of this human experience in this vast, beautiful, abundant and mysterious universe. Your time here is brief. Shake off the cloak of sorrow and shine as is your destiny. 




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