Peace is Possible

After two long years of pandemic induced anxiety,  a war in Europe is now heaping more stress and worry on top of that Covid mountain, and with it the concept of peace, let alone world peace, starts seeming like a fading mirage, an illusion. We feel powerless to change the root cause of senseless violence. Standing firm in our hope and with diminishing optimism, we offer financial support and encouragement to the Ukrainian people, but at times it feels like we are just placing a bandaid on the severed limb of our humanity.  Is there any hope for peace? The answer is Yes. Of course Yes. Always Yes. It may not be the grand global peace of Utopian fantasy but peace is possible right here, right now. If you long for world peace please take a moment and ask; how have you been contributing to world peace? Does that seem like a strange question? Do you think that world peace is in the hands of governments and rulers? This is not only a mistaken idea, but one that leads to the dissolution of our individual responsibility to create peace in our world. Water dripping into a large vessel just one drop at a time will eventually overflow. In big and small ways, our words and actions are contributing to the vessel of peace or the vessel of violence. You might feel certain that you are not adding to violence in the world, but let’s take a closer look. Words hurt.  Have you ever spoken words in anger to your loved ones? Of course you have. We all have. Whatever the circumstance and whatever the “reasons” we use to justify it, we must admit that harsh and angry words do not contribute to peace in ourselves or in our home. How can we then pine for a peaceful world when we ourselves have not even subdued our own tongue, or our own angry thoughts? It is unrealistic and illogical to hope for peace in the world before we have even taken efforts to create peace in ourselves. This is not a criticism, for we are all flawed. This is not pessimism, for there is great hope in these words because change is possible and therefore peace IS possible. Just like that vessel, slowly filling drop by drop until it overflows, we can all make a serious and heartfelt commitment to work for peace in seemingly small ways. Start by checking your words.  How often do you use your words to heal, to uplift, to encourage or to inspire? How often are your words harsh, angry, impatient or insulting? Make a commitment to speak peace. Understand that words arise from thoughts and then check your thoughts. If you remove all harsh words from your tongue, but your heart still holds the seeds of violence in the form of anger and egoism, then all you have done is to create a facade of peace with your words. Real peace needs to happen at the root of all words and actions which is your own mind. When you notice an unkind or impatient thought arising in your mind, uproot it instantly as if it were a nuclear bomb that you must speedily diffuse or face mass destruction, because anger IS destructive. It slaughters relationships and annihilates the self worth of children. Stay alert, like a guard in a watchtower. Don’t allow even one small thought of anger to sneak into your mind. No matter how difficult this task may seem, all of humanity is depending on your commitment to peace. You, as the guard in the watchtower of your mind, must also be very careful of what you allow into your space. Energy matters. Think about the movies that you watch, the books that you read and the people with whom you share your time. Are they encouraging peace within you? You can’t plant a rock in your garden and expect it to grow a mango tree. Just like the food that you consume contributes to your physical health, in the same way, what you take into your mind will also contribute to your mental health. Make a commitment to take in peace. Yes, it is difficult to change our habits. It is difficult to give up using those harsh words, or to refrain from watching that violent tv show, or to stop spending time with that negative friend. You know what else is difficult? Getting your house bombed, leaving your home and country with only what you can carry on your back, and wondering if you will ever see your husband again as he is forced to stay behind and defend his homeland. Those things are horribly difficult. So do your part. It might seem small but your commitment to peace will be contagious to those around you. Imagine if peace began to spread as quickly and as globally as Covid and its variants have. It is not a mere daydream. Have you ever been in the presence of a very peaceful being? They radiate peace and love. It makes you feel peaceful and calm. You could be that person to others.  

So please don’t let the news depress you and make you believe that everything is hopeless and out of your hands. That is a lie. Peace is in your hands. Right here. Right now. In kind words and in loving actions we can cultivate peace in our hearts, in our homes and in our community. Let’s make true peace the next thing that “goes viral” in our world. What will you do to spread peace today?  

Lots of Love, 

Jennifer Kathleen  

Founder of Beautiful Souls Academy


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