Online Courses in Yoga, Meditation and Mantra 

Meditation - A 21 Day Journey Explore 21 different meditation techniques offered in 15 minute sessions to motivate and inspire your practice. 

More Happy - Less Stress Simple practices to reduce stress and anxiety and to increase your happiness. 

Exploring Mantras for Healing and Happiness Learn about the power of mantra through recordings, translations and instructions for use. Course includes 8 downloadable audio tracks of mantra singing.

The INSPIRED SOULS CLUB is an online community for the Spiritual Seeker looking for regular support and inspiration for a vibrant life. We reflect upon teachings from a variety of sources that focus on growing in compassion, working with the law of attraction, becoming more firmly rooted into the present moment, and releasing negative thought patterns. Additionally we conduct two online group meditation sessions weekly.

Free Resources

Free Introductory Course which includes basic instruction on Meditation, The Breath, Your Voice, Yoga, the Chakras, and an example of the Weekly Reflection offered in the Inspired Souls Club. 

You Are Enough - A Guided Meditation 

Meditation to Reduce Anxiety 

Meditation on Observing the Train of Thoughts