Learning proper technique and acquiring the skills of a talented musician and performer is only part of the journey. The increase in confidence and self esteem that comes from the study of music is priceless. It is more than believing in your own abilities; it is believing that you have something to share with the world.


If you are new to singing, consider taking my online course; Singing Fundamentals to give you a great starting point by learning the foundations of proper technique at a fraction of the cost that you would pay for private lessons to acquire this information. This online, self-paced course is perfect for those with schedules (or budgets!) that make private lessons difficult to commit to. 


About Miss Jennifer -


I have been teaching music lessons for 22 years. My studio is located in Sinking Spring, PA.  Schedule your lesson today and take the first step towards your musical dreams!


 I accept all levels of singers from beginners to advanced. I will instruct you on the proper way to use your breath and also teach you healthy vocal habits. Together we will maximize your natural talent and bring out your full potential as a singer and performer.  


I also teach folk and classical guitar to beginner students. Whether your goal is to learn a few chords to strum or learn to play a beautiful sonatina on guitar, I can help you reach that goal. And if you have a dream of singing while playing guitar, I can help you make that dream come true. :)


In addition to voice and guitar lessons I also offer Music Theory and Song Writing private lessons.


 Your lessons will be tailored to your specific interests which may include any or all of the following; gaining confidence as a performer, expanding your repertoire, reading music, sight singing, song writing and even preparing you for auditions. You will also have the opportunity to participate in recitals. Whatever your musical goals are, I can help you reach them. Email me today and I will answer your questions about what you can expect from your music lessons.   jennifer@jenniferka.com   


Qualifications -


I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Performance from Lebanon Valley College in 2000. My musical experience includes 6 years with the LVC Alumni Chorale under the direction of the late Dr. Pierce Getz.


I taught voice lessons at the Community School of Music and Art in Reading, PA from 1997-2002 and have been teaching in my private studio since 1996.


I have performed classical, sacred and folk music as a soloist in various venues and continue to perform regularly.


I have composed, performed and recorded five collections of original songs.




Scheduling -

Schedule your lesson when it is most convenient to you. You may choose a different time every week, as it suits your schedule, or you can request the same time slot each week. It's in your hands. You request your lessons times from the online schedule of availability. Lessons must be prepaid. So be sure to purchase your lessons first here on the online store, and then go to the calendar to schedule them.


Tuition Prices & Policies - 


Lessons must be pre-paid prior to lesson date

* One 30 Minute Lesson = $30

* Four 30 Minute Lessons = $80

* One 60 Minute Lesson = $60

* Four 60 Minute Lessons = $160

All lessons expire one month from date of purchase. It is YOUR responsibility to schedule your lesson times for each month.

The package of four lessons is a discounted tuition rate meant for students intending to take weekly lessons. All four lessons must be scheduled and attended within one month of purchase. No refunds or extensions will be given. 

It is easy to schedule your lessons on-line. Lessons are not considered officially reserved until you have pre-paid them. (See above under 'Scheduling')

Lessons canceled less than 90 minutes prior are considered "Late Cancel" and you will be charged for the lesson. NO make-up lesson will be offered for a Late Cancel lesson.

Lessons canceled more than 90 minutes prior are considered "Early Cancel" and you will NOT be charged for the lesson. It is your responsibility to reschedule your canceled lesson, keeping it within the one month from the date of purchase.