The benefits of Yoga for the vibrant health
of your body, mind & spirit are immense.

I am a lifelong yoga practitioner, and I became a certified yoga teacher in 2014.
In 2018 I launched Yoga Club on the Beautiful Souls Academy with the desire of making Yoga more accessible to everyone. 

YOGA CLUB is your Online Studio for Everything YOGA! Your subscription includes unlimited online yoga classes (both live and recorded) Individual Pose Instruction, Meditation, Building up to Inversions, Beyond the Mat, Glimpses of India and MORE! 

Yoga is a complete path towards enlightenment. For folks interested in developing a rewarding spiritual life with their physical yoga practice, I have created the Inspired Souls Club.  

The INSPIRED SOULS CLUB is an online community for the Spiritual Seeker looking for regular support and inspiration for a vibrant life. We reflect upon teachings from a variety of sources that focus on growing in compassion, working with the law of attraction, becoming more firmly rooted into the present moment, and releasing negative thought patterns. 

I also offer Private online sessions in yoga and meditation. Contact me for more information at  


Free Resources in Yoga & Fitness

Free Introductory Course includes basic instruction on Meditation, The Breath, Your Voice, Yoga, the Chakras, and an example of the Weekly Reflection offered in the Inspired Souls Club.  

30 Day Plank Challenge - An easy way to increase your core strength gradually in less than 5 minutes a day.  

A Yoga Practice to Relieve Low Back Pain 

Post Workout Yoga Stretch - Standing (15 minutes)

Post Workout Yoga Stretch - On the Mat (20 minutes) 

Vigorous Yoga Flow (27 minutes) 

Downward Facing Dog Tutorial 


Online Yoga Courses

More Happy - Less Stress Simple practices to reduce stress and anxiety and to increase your happiness. 

Yoga for Beginners Learn foundational yoga poses that will increase flexibility, build strength and improve balance. 

Sequencing - For Yoga Teachers Learn how to link yoga poses together safely and smoothly to create a flowing yoga practice. 



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