Enjoy the Journey

Many folks on this page have complimented me on the positive nature of my blogs. It makes me happy to know that in a small way I can share this positive energy with you. I want to say again that my positive outlook is NOT the result of living a life free from sorrow. It is also not a result of genetics. I have worked hard to become more positive. Life is hard. Our hearts break. We suffer. But when we dwell in negative thoughts we increase our suffering. To be positive is not to bury one's head in the sand. It is to know that sorrow exists, but joy does too. Sorrow exists but love, gratitude, kindness, laughter and beauty exist too. Which will you focus on today? It begins with getting to know your own mind; your own thoughts. Change the way you think about life and your life will change. To meditate is to watch your own mind. Enjoy the journey.
With love from Jennifer
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