In this very moment

"Yes, you really understand the process. We need that vulnerability and humility to let go. We feel that wave of release and a lightness comes over our being. But it is never once and done, is it? Even when the clarity and realization is strong, there always seems to be a deeper level,... more letting go,... more clarity.... more vulnerability. Like flowing water can, over time, carve into and reshape rocks and stones, so are we having our rough edges smoothed, little by little, as these waves of understanding and healing wash over our being, removing all the layers of protection that prevented us from seeing that we were complete and whole the entire time. Nothing was ever taken from us. Maybe we are not so much finding healing, as we are removing the blindness so that we can finally see that we are already healed and whole and lacking in nothing but the ability to recognize our true divinity."


This was my response to a comment on one of my most personal weekly reflections shared in the Beautiful Souls Membership. Even if you haven't seen the reflection or the original comment, I believe this response is something that many of us can relate to, but more than that, an important message for those of us on the path to healing. It feels like we are healing our heart and soul, but I invite you to consider that you are healing your vision.

It feels like a mistaken view to believe that we can ever be anything other than healed and whole. Like storm clouds that can spread across the vast sky, blocking out the light with their ominous weight, and yet, the nature of the sky remains the same. Clarity and spaciousness is the true nature of the sky, able to hold all variety of weather, and remain unchanged at the core of its being. At our own core is our inherent nature of wholeness and divinity. The pain and challenges we face can all be contained here, in the sky of our being. The storms blow through here with fierceness and screaming, pain and bleeding, but at our core we remain unchanged. Healed and whole, divine and sacred is our inherent nature. When the storm rages here, the sun is still shinning in its place above the clouds. Whatever clouds gather or scatter, and whatever weather is contained within those clouds, the nature of the sky remains the same. The sky is still the sky.

Even when we we feel the pieces of our heart and our soul as broken and scattered, missing or hurting, our true nature of wholeness and beauty remains unscathed. Perhaps it is only our perception that changes when we experience trauma and pain. No matter how fierce the storm, don't let it cover your eyes forever. You are more than this. You are a beautiful and sacred expression of the entire universe wrapped up in this human form, perfect in your imperfections. Healed and whole, complete and gorgeous just as you are in this moment,






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