Welcome Home


A breeze came through the forest. It felt magical... like an ancient song, whispered by the Earth herself. 
Time spent in the woods brings me back in touch with the natural cycles of life. I see the dead fallen trees amongst the living. The leaves too, will drop from living trees and after undergoing decomposition they become nutrients for other plants and trees around them. Here, life and death dance side by side in harmony, as one transforms into the other and then back again. 
Everything in its season, a time for growing, for being, for releasing, for dissolving, and for transforming. 
Here in the woods, a faith is strengthened within my heart; faith in life and in its seasons. I remember to trust the unfolding of time. Each season brings a share of joy and pain, and each season for sure will end, and change into something new. 
Here, I join the dance as an equal partner with life and death, seeing them as one and the same. Here in the woods, I hear the song of the Earth. She whispers through the trees and tells me, "Welcome Home". 

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