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Golden Strands 

Written December 2016 

"Once again I find myself 
As if under a spell 
Your words are golden strands 
Weaving their enchantment and 
Cast like a fisherman's net 
Into the ocean of my heart 
Sinking down into my soul 
And then gathering up 
All that is noble and beautiful 
Every precious gem 
Carefully drawn up 
From the depths of my existAnce 
Gently ferried through the waves 
Until arriving at last 
Upon the safe shores 
Of your warm embrace" 


He asked me once, why I always spell the word "existence" with an "A"

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Riches Beyond Measure 

Drape me in the sparkling beams of sunlight beneath the tree with golden leaves. 
Cover me in the scent of flowers that dance in the meadow. 
Bedazzle my brow with the silver light of twinkling stars and I'll wear the diamond dew drops of morning when the dawn comes soft returning. 
No finer cloth than moonlight has ever touched my skin. No more luxurious flavor has ever graced my lips than the ruby red raspberries from thorny cane and Summer's kiss - Such plump and juicy gems! 
A crown of daisies upon my head…

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Welcome Home 


A breeze came through the forest. It felt magical... like an ancient song, whispered by the Earth herself. 
Time spent in the woods brings me back in touch with the natural cycles of life. I see the dead fallen trees amongst the living. The leaves too, will drop from living trees and after undergoing decomposition they become nutrients for other plants and trees around them. Here, life and death dance side by side in harmony, as one transforms into the other and then back again. 
Everything in its season…

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Long Distance Love in a Global Pandemic  

I don't know when I'll see you again. You, there on the other side of the Earth. Me, here in the country that's become the epicenter of a global pandemic. Borders are closed and travel restricted. Plans canceled. Plans delayed. Plans dying. Hope fading. 
But love is something bigger, isn't it. I've always said that this love is much bigger than my fragile human form can contain. It's enormous. It flows through me with all the power of the oceans and the steadfastness of stars. But I can't get to you. My…

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Seasons of Us 

You, crossed my path as calm as a warm spring breeze
then shook up my life like a hurricane gale force wind
that blew away all, all dust and debris.
All that was not for my highest good.
You warmed my cold body like the summer sun
and showed me how to shine.
You taught me how to let go, as gracefully as leaves in Autumn, a beautiful release.
You showed me how to look inward
and how to be comfortable in stillness
like the silent blanket of the winter snow,
covering all in whiteness, a clean slate,
time to look inward…

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Raven Heart 

Let me tell you a story of falling and flying, of bleeding and becoming.

It began small and wholly unnoticed at first. I was being nudged towards the edge for years though little neglectful actions and small unkind words. Contained within the tiniest of moments the disregard for me had crept in like a cancer. But the moment of falling began with a note.  Left there carelessly, was a note addressed to the one I loved that read, "Thank you for a wonderful weekend" and signed by a name that wasn't mine. This…

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In a Past Life... 

I recently had a very interesting conversation with my beloved about the spirit of trees and their energy. It reminded me of this poem I wrote almost two years ago now. A poem that felt like a remembering more than a creation. Reflecting on trees made me want to share this poem. I hope you enjoy it. Let me know in the comments if you can relate to it, if your spirit resonates with non-animal entities in this world, or if you have ever felt the soul of a tree. 


In a Past Life...

A Poem written April 25,

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You came to me barefoot at the temple door
Rose petals strewn across the floor
Your words like scented oil sweet
You placed so gently at my feet

An offering of you in essence and form
Upon my heart jewels to adorn
No more a step would quake or falter
But stand strong before love's holy altar

How true a gift, in earnest gives
With joy abounds and hope that lives
A sacred touch of golden light
That binds our souls and breeds delight
Ever always day and night
Amid these walls of ancient plight
To touch, to breathe, to sing…

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Nothing But Love 

One day I'll die. 
We all die.
Time and again.
And when my time comes again,
Believe not whatever tale is told of my demise
Whether accident or illness, 
Even in violence, or in peace.
Whatever is said,
However it is explained,
Don't believe any part of it.
For you must know, 
Beyond a doubt 
That my disappearance from this world 
could not come by any of these means, or circumstances.

Nothing but love could carry me from this world to the next. 
For there will come a time, when so much love fills my heart, that this…

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This Fragile Human Form 

My love for you cannot be contained in this body.
The edges of this existAnce are always on the verge of bursting open... stretching beyond what is possible... a pain in the soul,... the pain of being contained,... of being limited in form, when my love for you is limitless.

Maybe in a past life the same thing happened. Maybe I met you and loved you so completely and so fully that it could not be contained in this human body. And maybe one day, overwhelmed by my love for you, I burst wide open, exploding into…

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By the Shower Door 

I like to take a hot shower at night, before bed. I'm not a person big on routines, my hours, my days have a somewhat haphazard quality to them, as every day is a bit different. A different job and a different schedule each day doesn't lend itself to routine. But the hot shower before bed is my delight. It allows me to wash away the dust of the day,  and later my curly head will air dry on the pillow while I dream.

A hot shower is my routine. Hotter than hot for this body that's always just a little too…

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