Just Listen to the Birds

Adjusting to married life, in a foreign land, during a pandemic, has not been easy. My husband and I have faced constant challenges, big and small, including issues with my banking, my phone, our internet, and countless items we ordered arriving damaged, just to name a few.  It seems like every day there is a new obstacle to overcome and some problem to be solved. This is life though, especially life during a pandemic. 

The other day I woke early. It seemed close to sunrise but I wasn't sure. I reached for my phone to check the time and immediately regretted it. Although I was only looking to know the time, I couldn't avoid seeing messages and emails there, relating to some of the challenges I mentioned above. I was instantly reminded of the many issues that needed to be dealt with and problems that needed to be solved. There were also messages from friends expressing their worry and concern as they had seen in the news the terrible situation here in India with the pandemic. And while I do appreciate the dear friends that continue to check in with me, their worry and fear quickly became MY worry and fear. There, in the first moments of waking, I felt the weight of problems, worry and fear. I wondered if I could muster the strength to face another day of challenges and the constant effort to adjust to my new life. Then, at that very moment, a thought arose in my mind that seemed to come from somewhere else. It said, "Just listen to the birds". The birds were singing their morning songs and I was barely aware of it. So I listened. I heard the familiar cooing of the doves and the tweeting of the house sparrow. I also heard another bird that I did not recognize. Further away I heard other birds in the distance that seemed to be replying. I listened. The chirps and songs of the birds close to our home and the distant replies from other birds, closer to other homes, were weaving a tapestry of morning music, as if the new day was something to celebrate and to sing about. 

"Just listen to the Birds." 

I listened. A wave of peace came over me. In that moment there was nothing other than the singing of birds. The problems didn't disappear, and life still has its challenges to be faced. But at least I didn't miss out on the singing of the birds that day. 

The next time you feel heavy under the weight of worry and challenges, I hope you will remember to "Just listen to the Birds." Remember to pause and find the beauty in that moment, whether it is in the songs of birds or in the smile of your loved one. Pause and notice that the world is much bigger than your worry and much bigger than even your biggest challenges. Big enough to hold immense beauty, tucked into every small moment, for those who are able to see and to listen. 


Love and light, 



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