Abundance Focus

I woke up one day and decided that I would no longer focus on lack of any kind. I’ve understood for a long time that what you focus on expands, and yet I still found that I was giving too much energy to lack and not enough energy to Abundance. Recently I realized that the idea of lack is actually an illusion. Think of it in this way; One night you look up and see the full moon in all of its beautiful luminosity, lighting up the dark sky. But on a different night the moon is merely a thin crescent, barely noticeable. An unwise person might think that the moon has become less. They might ask, ‘Where has the beautiful full moon gone?’ But a wise person understands that the moon is always whole and complete. It is only our view of the moon that has changed.  

In the same way I have come to realize that there is nothing lacking in my life, and that when I become aware that I am noticing the illusion of lack in my life I can always change my view. I can always shift my attention back to abundance. 

For example, if my husband shows me a moment of impatience, I will no longer label him as an impatient man, point out his shortcoming, and feel hurt about his impatience towards me. Instead I will remember all of the MANY times that he has shown great patience and understanding towards me. Not only that, but I will also recall all of the times, when facing  significant challenges, he showed tremendous patience during difficulties. When I reflect in this way it is easy to see that his patience is the bigger truth. His impatience is like the thin sliver of moon that I might see briefly before remembering that the WHOLE moon is still there; it is only my view that has shifted momentarily. There is no lack of patience here.  

On days when I might be feeling tired and overwhelmed, instead of feeling discouraged or disappointed about the things I wasn’t able to get done and the multitude of tasks still waiting for my attention, I will shift my attention and remember all of the times in the past when I was able to tackle a great many things with stamina and grace. There is no lack of energy or motivation here, just a temporary change of view. I change it back to abundance; an abundance of energy and enthusiasm.  

When you experience times of financial strain, think back to other times in life when you were easily able to pay for what you needed, and also what you wanted. No matter how far back you must remember - maybe all the way back to childhood when you went to the candy store with a quarter in your pocket that your Grandmother gave you - you can remember abundance. It is not gone. Abundance hasn’t changed. Only your view has changed. You can change it back.  

Now you might say, “But Jennifer, sometimes people ARE impatient. Sometimes you ARE overwhelmed. And sometimes financial hardships are too big to ignore. Sometimes Lack is REAL!”  

And my reply is that the crescent moon is also real in a way. At least real enough that we have a word for it. We even talk about, and write about, the “waxing and waning” of the moon (which means becoming progressively stronger & larger, and smaller & weaker) but we aren’t really referring to the Moon. The moon doesn’t get bigger or smaller. The moon doesn’t become stronger or weaker either. The Moon’s size doesn’t change through its phases. It is just the way we are viewing the sun’s light reflecting off of it.  

Truly I am not here to convince you of anything. It is your life. You can focus on anything you like. You can focus on lack if you want to. You can focus on everything you dislike and you can focus on everything that creates stress in your mind and your body. You can live your life as you see fit. But please remember that a negative mind will never give you a positive life. And you cannot enjoy abundance while focusing on lack.  

As for me, I will focus on Abundance. I have decided, and here also declared, that lack is an illusion. I have set the intention to always see the fullness of those around me, and to see the wholeness of myself and my life. Regardless of its phase, I vow to always see the fullness of the Moon, and the abundance of this beautiful life.


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