Welcome! Thank you for visiting. I am a Yoga Teacher, A Singing Instructor, a Meditation Teacher and a Singer/Songwriter. I offer online courses on Beautiful Souls Academy Try the Free Introductory Course which includes informative videos on Meditation, The Breath, Your Voice, Yoga and an example of one of the Weekly Reflections offered in the Beautiful Souls Membership


Take yoga classes with me online through YOGA CLUB an Online Studio for Everything YOGA! So much more than classes. Your subscription included unlimited online instruction with a wide Variety of Yoga Classes, Individual Pose Instruction, Meditation, Building up to Inversions, Beyond the Mat and MORE!

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Online Music Lessons 

If you are a beginner singer and/or looking to firm up your foundational singing skills, consider enrolling in my online course in Singing Fundamentals to develop a firm foundation in singing technique from the comfort of you own home  and on your own schedule. Click Here to learn more about this self-paced, online singing course. 


For Private online lessons in Beginner and Intermediate Acoustic Guitar, please Contact me for more information at jennifer@jenniferka.com 




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